Sunday, February 17, 2013


Tomorrow, we will be on the road again. Where did the week go? I must have lost a few days, because I blinked my eyes and the week was over.

I have already stowed our belongings so in the morning the only thing we have to do is bring in the slide out, dumb our black/gray tanks, hook up the tow with car and hit the road. I heard of a trick where you put ice  in your toilet so when you drive the ice knocks the "stuff" off from the sides. Our black tank reader is showing full all the time, even after I have emptied the tank. I will let everyone know if the ice trick works or if it's a myth. $.50  for a 8 lb bag at the RV park, good time to test that the theory.

We have decided that the wife will get the first few hours on the road in the morning/early afternoon. The interstate is about two miles from the RV park and she has to get the practice in driving on other than just the highways. Beside, she wants to take a detour and hit the side roads by the ocean in Florida, and there is no way she is going to drive by the ocean (she would be looking out the window and not pay attention to the road).

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