Monday, February 11, 2013


7 Feb

Good thing we heard on the news yesterday that it was going to rain. Because, yesterday was warm, sunny and in the low 70's, I did not see this weather coming. I closed the awning and put our lawn chairs and tables away as the sun set to prepare for the rain. Around 3:00 am the rain started and almost 6 hours has passed and the rain has not stopped. We remained in the RV the whole morning. This is the one downside to living full time in a RV. If you don't want to get wet, you are in lock down until the weather clears. With the rain hitting the RV it was to loud to watch TV. Lucky for us (knock on wood), we have not got stuck in a downpour while driving. With us pulling a car, I would more than likely pull into a rest area until the storm passes. As I sit at the dinning table typing this post to pass the time during the storm, the rain has stopped, but the sky remains cloudy and gray. At least now, we can get out of the RV to check for outside damages and move around to stretch our legs. Almost an hour has passed and now the sky has opened and the sun is out to dry everything. Turning out to be a good afternoon  After a check outside, there was no damage to the RV during the rain.

It's official, I no longer have my cell phone, I had it disconnected. With our plan we had two phones and the lowest we could go was 700 minutes a month (no internet access). We have not got anywhere close to 200 minutes a month in three years. I use email, Skype and Facebook to keep in contact with family and friends. We kept the wife's phone and was able to lower our minutes to 200 and kept her international plan to call her parents in Japan. We now use only one cell phone and the bill is now cut in half. I'm not going to post our monthly or yearly spending like other full time bloggers do, but if we have to pay for something we don't use it's just wasting money. This is just one way we have cut back on expenses.

8 Feb

Nine months in the RV and not once did I fill under the weather, until today. Well, I still got up and did my daily activities so I was not too sick. The back of my throat is red, sore and when I talk my voice is horse. I did the usual gargling warm salt water, Halls cough drops and trying not to talk to much. After lunch, I put my earplugs in, laid down for a nap and fell asleep for almost three hours. When I woke up, my throat is still sore, red and now have a small headache, but at least I don't fill drowse, sick or have a fever. I hope this passes soon, the weather is getting warmer and I don't want to be stuck in bed all weekend. I went to the clubhouse, because the Schwans Food truck arrived to see what kinds of food they have and the talk around the water cooler is other in the RV park have sore throat and redness too. Mystery solved!

11 Feb

My worst case scenario came true. All weekend I was stuck in the RV with sick mask on (trying not to spread to the wife.... how kind of me) and watching TV/movies between naps. When I woke up today, I still don't feel sick, but throat is still little red and sore with my voice sounding horse. To top it all off, the rain is still falling with temperature in the low 70's.

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