Monday, February 29, 2016



I will be in Fort Myers, FL for four weeks where I will be attending Twins and Red Sox spring training practices and a few games. The mornings and part of the afternoon will be baseball, while the late afternoon and nights will be spent with my wife enjoying the warm, sunny weather of South Florida.

Week one was spent getting use to the teams complex. Both teams fields are mostly closed off for getting a lot of baseballs hit over the fence. Both teams do have some areas along the foul line and Boston has half to a quarter of the outfield fence open. Almost everyday Red Sox Nation comes out in large numbers making retrieving balls and getting autographs pretty hard. Lot of the players just pass me by or sign for just a few fans before going back to the clubhouse. The Twins are a little easier as there are fewer fans. On game days, both teams you have to pay $10 for parking even if you are not going to the game and only practice.

The biggest surprise for me was Joe Mauer. A superstar who signed for everyone, everyday class act. Joe Mauer signed a Sports Illustrated cover one days and a MLB baseball the next. I also got the autograph of Korea's free agent Byung Ho Park on a MLB Baseball.  I got 3 baseballs during BP and gave one away. The two I kept was the spring training logo balls. Something new this year.

Most of my luck came with the upper 40-man roster players and minor leaguer invitee in Bryce Brentz and Sam Travis. The Red Sox had an open house of JetBlue Stadium and four players signed for fans. They were Robbie Ross Jr, Matt Barnes, Deven Marrero and Travis Shaw. I went to one minor league practice and got Michael Chavis (2014 #1 draft pick). I got 2 baseballs during BP.

Week 1 (4 Red Sox team sheet auto's not pictured)

Week total: 24 Autographs 5 Balls (1 give-a-way)
Spring training total 24 Autographs 5 Balls (1 give-a-way)

I still find the Cleveland Indians spring training complex in Arizona the best (not bias as the Indians are my favorite team). Outfield fences open for BP Homeruns, access to players as they leave the field and area for players to sign in the team parking lot. Practice field parking is separate from the stadium parking and is free. Stadium parking is $5 on game day.

I had to go all the way to Fort Myers to see my High School colors. He was from the class of 65' and now lives in Cape Coral, FL. ... it's a small world....


On the Red Sox spring training pocket schedule there is a coupon for buy one get one free ice cream cone at Sun Harvest. I got the orange and vanilla while Hiromi had the chocolate and key lime. We actually went there twice this week.


Fort Myers, FL spring training week 2.

Monday, February 15, 2016



Normally an 11~12 hour drive from NAS Corpus Christi, TX to NAS Pensacola, FL however, we decided to take a three day detour to do some sightseeing in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi before arriving at our final destination.

Stonehenge II Ingram, TX

We had no idea that Stonehenge II even existed, until I read about in a fellow full time RV blog. Constructed by Al Shepperd and Doug Hill 1989 in the middle of Shepperd's pasture. A few years after Shepperd death the land was bought and the new owner wanted to knock it down. The Hill County Arts Foundation bought the monument along with the Easter Island Head and moved it 8 miles east to where it stands today. We parked the RV on the side of the road and there is no cost to view these amazing work of art.

Louisiana State Capitol Building Baton Rouge, LA

Another State Capitol Building bring our total to 14. Louisiana Capitol Building is the largest in height of all the US Capitol Buildings at 450 feet and has 34 stories with an observation deck on the 27 floor. The Louisiana Capitol Building is often thought of as "Heuy Long Monument" due to the influence of the former Governor and US Senator in getting the Capitol built. Completed in 1932 for $5 million in just 14 months. In 1935 a month after Heuy Long announced that he would run for President he was as assassinated on the ground of the Capitol Building. There is a grave marker and statue marking Heuy Long final resting place. This is a ton of history that I did not realize until we did this tour. Starting with Heuy Long, alleged assassination that was truly a ricochet bullet from a gunshot that was intended to protect him. Funny thing is he was not even the Governor, but still had an office in the Capitol Building. He was there hosting his buddies ... AKA Mofia. A 1995 Hollywood movie was mad about Heuy Long staring John Goodman. titled "Kingfish". I have to watch it to see how the Hollywood story differs from what the workers in the Capitol Building told. Also, in 1970 there was a bombing of the Senate House were the law of free wrok was being passed. The Union forces laid the dynamite destroying everything as a warning NOT to pass the law. there is still a piece of wood in the ceiling.

Louisiana old Capitol Building was only 10 blocks away we tried to drive to it and find a parking spot, but there was a city block party and driving down narrow city road was a pain. the only parking spot we could find was the one we where at. After driving for 10 minutes we returned to the same parking space and walked the 10 blocks. The old Capitol Building looks like a castle. By the time we arrived the tours were closed and could not see from the inside.

Before leaving we walked the Mississippi River.

Can you fill in the blanks?

Anytime we are in Louisiana if we are stopping to visit or just pass through Hiromi has to stop at a Cafe Du Monde for her beignet fix.

Gulf Island National Seashore Ocean Springs, MS

We return to Gulf Island Seashore NP this time to visit the Mississippi side. Last time we were here was 2012 and on the Florida side. Unfortunately, the ferry boat to the Gulf Island are closed until March, we still hiked a few paths and even got to see an alligator. We have to visit once again in the summer to get to the Island's to see the Fort and crystal sand beaches.

Few days in Pensacola, FL to visit friends before heading to Fort Myers, FL for 2016 MLB/MiLB Spring Training Red Sox and Twins.

Friday, February 5, 2016



January has come to a end and we can't believe how fast time has flied. My New Years Resolution of working out is still going strong. My running has increased to 5~6 miles a day depending on how good I feel. My knees have been taking a beating on the treadmill. I have to walk or slow jog to grease my joints before upping the speed or I ride the bike to give my knees time to recover. I feel like a mid twenty something inside, but my body is trying to tell me my true age. My goal is to live a long and health life, see and do everything I can. And one day be on the Smucker's jam bottle celebrating my 100th birthday.

Just in case I don't make it to my 100th Birthday.

I have not reveled all my bucket list goal, but this is probably the best time to do this one. I want to run and complete a marathon by 2017. But, before I can run 26 miles I have to run 1 mile. I want to run a few 5K & 10K then half marathon before taking the leap to a full marathon. I know the end goal, but the journey along the way is the most rewarding.

We bought our USS Lexington tour ticket on base at ITT and saved a few bucks. It was a nice day for the drive over the bridge to downtown Corpus Christi. I don't recommend anyone taking their RV as parking is slim for over size vehicles, unless you park at the Texas State Aquarium ($5.00) and making a day of visiting both places.

I don't know why I go to retired Navy ships? After 20 years in the Navy I think I would be sick of them, but I guess I'm just an old salty dog and it's in my blood. The tour is self guided and being a Monday we pretty much had the ship to ourselves.

We still have a week left in Corpus Christi to relax. Not much more to do in this area. We are starting to get a little jumpy and looking to get back on the road. We will have three days to get to NAS Pensacola, FL and we are looking for some spots to stop along the way.

2016 Amazon CamperForce applications are now open and we applied for Murfeesboro, TN. We requested a start date of 1 Oct. All we have to now is sit back and wait.

Future ideas:
I want to start making videos again, but a few months ago I got a warning from Youtube for using copyright music and one video was removed. Not sure why all my other videos were not removed too? I'm not making any money off these videos. I gave a link to iTunes for the song(s) I used, not sure what else I could do. I don't want a video to play around 10 minutes with no sound. When I figure out what path I'm going to take with the videos I'll post them and let everyone know.

3 day drive  from NAS Corpus Christi, TX to NAS Pensacola, FL