Saturday, February 2, 2013


I have been to a lot of NFL Hall of Fame and  NFL Pro Bowl games, but never to a Super Bowl. ... Well, I guess I still have not OFFICIALLY been to a Super Bowl, but I did go to New Orleans to see what all the hype was about.

We woke up early Thursday and started our three hour drive to New Orleans. The drive was pretty easy, just stayed on I-10 West until we reached New Orleans. We made a pit stop at the Louisiana Welcome Center to get a list of actives that are going on for the Super Bowl. While walking back to our car we saw an old man trying to remove a dead bird that flew into his car. We have seen bugs, but never a bird.

Less than 30 minutes later we arrive downtown New Orleans, but could not get anywhere close to the Super Dome, without a pass. While driving, looking for the visitors center we saw a guy riding an over size bike. We ate our packed lunch and then off to the water front where all the actives was going on.

I was disappointed in the whole setup of actives for the Super Bowl. Unlike the Hall of Fame and Pro Bowl games, this Super Bowl was behind the curve in it's setup. The list of actives showed to be open at 10:00 am, it was 1:00 pm and still none of the actives was open or finished being bult. Painting players on the side of the building was just getting started. Stores along the strip had signs over their door, "Official NFL Super Bowl Merchandise", but they was painting Budweiser off the banner. After seeing one store do this, how could I trust any of the other stores on the strip? All I wanted was a Super Bowl Program book. The only things really open was all the networks broadcasting the news. There was no line in front of CBS Sports, so we were able to get inside to see a live broadcast with guest Emmitt Smith. I always thought that the players hotel was to be a secret, but I guess the Marriott did not get that message.

Even though the hype was no where close to what I excepted, I can still put The Super Bowl on my list of sporting events check off list. I bet that the Hall of Fame Game actives in Canton, OH in late July early August will not disappoint me. The good news in New Orleans is that Mardi Gras (originally from Alabama) is coinciding the following week with the Super Bowl and the town is ready for it. Why was the Super Bowl not ready?


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