Monday, April 2, 2018



Hiromi is traveling to Japan again this summer to take care of family issues, This will make our third trip in twelve months and fifth round trip ticket.  When Hiromi is in Japan, we decided it's best if we just stay in one spot this summer and have chosen to stay in Arizona. To keep myself busy and earn some extra cash I have applied for three jobs.

As a young boy growing up I always dreamed of working in sports. With a year off the road it was the perfect timing to apply for a job in baseball. One, at Goodyear Ball Park, the Spring Training home of the Indians and Reds. Two, Chase Field, home to the Diamond Backs. To my surprise, I was accepted to work at both stadiums this year. Along with the baseball games I also work event held in those stadiums (graduations, concerts and other events). Three, Amazon CamperForce.

I have volunteered at Goodyear Ball Park for two years and this year they were hiring so I applied. I ended up working 24 of the 29 games plus three set up days. Needless to say my spring training autographs were down from years past. But, I understood when I work I can't get autographs. There are event during the summer and I will be working them too

In January, I was looking for a seasonal or part time jobs in Arizona for the summer. I found Chase Field and applied. I got an interview date, but when Hiromi had to get her Green Card updated we had to drive back to Ohio. If I was meant to get this job I would get a call back. In February, I got the call back and was hired. At Chase Field I plan to work all 81 home games, but I'm sure as the long season goes on there might be a few days I will not be able to work.

Both jobs are great and I get paid to work in baseball. I could not dreamed of a better opportunity. Goodyear we got about 6,000 - 8,000 fan a game. Chase Field is a little more demanding as we get 30,0000 - 45,000 fans a game. 

Both of us have been picked up to work at CamperForce Amazon Fulfillment Center in Murfreesboro, TN. When the Diamond Backs season concludes in October we will be heading to TN. This will make my fifth Peak and Hiromi's fourth Peak.

After our snowbird in 2019 (one year from now) we will be back on the road all summer for more adventures. Until then, my post will be of our adventures in Arizona in the summer with temperatures around 120 degrees.

All thoughts are my own and not of MLB, Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Arizona Diamondbacks, Goodyear Ball Park or Chase Field.

Sunday, March 4, 2018



We can't believe it? Its been 2,000 days since we moved into our RV full-time. How time flies when your having fun! This adventure was not to last this long. We had the idea to travel a few years, then settle down. As the days, months, and years passed it got in our blood and as long as we both have our health there is no end in sight.

I started this BLOG from day one and have posted the good, the bad and the ugly of life on the road as a nomad.  More good then bad and very few ugly. We are grateful that this adventure has open our eyes to see and taste what every State (Mexico and Canadian Providences) has to offer. Everyday is a new adventure if its a new town we have never been to or just hanging out in our snowbird home.

 For me the beauty of nature is what keeps me going. National Parks like Yosemite, Red Woods or Oregon's numerous waterfalls. I wounder how the first person felt when they discovered these places. It was breath taking and I was in awe that places like this really exist within miles of cities.

American History is another reason I travel. I might have read it in a book, classroom or saw it TV, but you never really understand until you see it up close. The assassination site of Bonnie and Clyde on a rural road in Louisiana.

The site where Hank Arron broke Babe Ruth's all time Home Run record.

Finding Stonehenge II and Cadillac Ranch in Texas.

Or just having fun digging for diamonds in Arkansas (we did not find any).

Hiromi loves these things too. Growing up in Japan and only reading about America in school, she is amazed of how vast America is. Just like when I lived in Japan for ten years, I was a sponge learning about her Country and Culture. And, lets not forget about food. I like to get small keepsakes to remind me of the place we have visited, she likes to taste the local food.

And, let not forget about all the sunsets.

We have been to 41 US States and five Canadian Provinces, while visiting 20 State Capitol Building, 117 National Parks and attended 322 Major League, Minor League and College baseball games at 69 different stadiums. We are living our American Dream forging memories that will last a lifetime. Looking forward, returning back to "normal life" is not in our future anytime soon.

Friday, February 9, 2018



This is the first time we have had to renew Hiromi's Green Card while full-timing. I called the local office in Arizona and they told me I would have to report to the building the form said. Because we are Ohio residents we would have to travel to Ohio to complete the process. So we drove from Arizona to Cleveland Ohio to complete the renewal process. When we arrived and all the finger printing and pictures were completed I asked why on the application form it asked for mailing address and current address. Of course the mailing address to receive the new Green Card, but then why did we have to travel to Ohio just for pictures and finger printing. The worker said you could have taken the picture and finger print anywhere in the US only the interview would be in our resident state.We did not require a interview, but whats done is done and Hiromi has her new Green Card for the next 10 years. Note to self ... next time we don't have to travel 2,200 miles.   

Ohio is covered in snow and as you might guess I hate snow and cold weather. Lowest temperature is 10 degrees, that's 73 degrees cooler then when we left Arizona. The only good part of this trip (besides the Green Card and family) was when we passed Progressive Field Home of the Cleveland Indians and Hiromi and I making a snowman in the backyard. Well, the snow was not sticking so a blob snow creature.

The day before we left Arizona I got an email about a job with the Arizona Diamondbacks, but the interview was when we are in Ohio. I replied that I'm still interested in the job, but if I could move the interview to another day when I return. After volunteering two seasons at Goodyear Ballpark the spring training home of the Indians and Reds I was hired to work at the ball park this spring. Keeping my fingers crossed (and still contacting Diamondbacks HR) I at least get a interview with the team. 

When the Nippon Ham Fighters (Japanese baseball team) arrives in Arizona for their Spring Training the baseball season is just around the corner. This year I could only spend two days at practice, but made the best of the time I had. In the two days I got 15 autographs and 20 baseballs (gave three away) while I hit a milestone of my career 400th baseball.

Before we left Arizona, we had the pleasure of meeting a young couple of full-time RV'ers who are somewhat YouTube celebrities. They are Nathan and Marissa  from "Less Junk, More Journey" who I have been following for two years. A younger couple who travel full-time and visits the same places we do (or want). It's a great way to see how other full-timers have done (good and bad) to make our adventures great too. 

It will be a sad day to say goodbye to my parents until 2019, but I'm looking forward to returning pool side in 80 degree weather in Arizona and working at Goodyear Ballpark for spring training. 

Monday, January 1, 2018



2017 is the year we have had marked on our calendar for the last five years. Because this is the year where we spend the summer with our Family in Japan. We had a year of adventures and RV brake downs. It was also the year that hit us the hardest with the passing of my father-in-law.

2017 started the same as every year since we started full timing, in Arizona for Cleveland Indians spring training. coming off a disappointing seven game World Series lost to the Cubs, Indians Fans came out in larger crowds then past years.

 I got plenty of autographs, BP balls and broken bats to add to my ever going collection. Also, the defending Nippon Baseball Champions Nippon-Ham Fighter held the first half of their spring training in Arizona where I visited a few practices and games before the MLB players had to report for the official start of season.

Shohei Ohtani
  Hirotoshi Takanashi
2016 PL ROY
  Brandon Laird
2016 Nippon Series MVP

I was also able to get more pictures with fellow Kent State alumni who are Major (Minor) League players. Not to mention my favorite player Milwaukee Brewers third base man Travis Shaw. I have followed his career since 2010 (Sophomore season). 2017 turned out to be his best as a Major Leaguer (so far) hitting 31 home runs and 101 runs batted in while taking Brewers team honors as the Most Valuable Player.
Travis Shaw
  Taylor Williams
 Eric Lauer 
Spring Training Haul
#####Autos 186, Balls 50 (19 gave a-way), Bats 4, SGA 4 Bobblehead.#####

Full 2017 spring training post is located HERE

We moved our RV to Las Vegas and stayed at Nellis AFB for a few months before flying to Japan for the summer to spend time with our family. We had a great time with family, trips to Kyoto, Mt Fuji and few weeks in Tokyo before our summer was over.
Toro Ruins (Shizuoka)
 Zen Garden (Kyoto)
 Monkey Park (Kyoto)
 Godzilla (Tokyo)
 Samurai Museum (Tokyo)  
Samurai Museum (Tokyo)

To help replenish our funds we set out on our annual winter job of working at a Amazon warehouse. This year we decided not to travel across country to Tennessee to work for CamperForce, but to stay in our snow bird home of Arizona and work at the Phoenix location.

Full review can be read HERE.

Even though we spend fewer days on the road (because of our trip to Japan) we still managed to have a few break downs. Not one, but two blown tiers. One major, outer driver side tire blew out and broke off the wheel cover. Lucky for us a service truck drives up and down this highway looking to help vehicles that breakdown. Small damage, but still a pain to fix (still have not fixed yet).

The second, not as bad. this one was the rear inter passenger tire. It blew out just before we got on the on ramp and was in a small town where we got it fixed at a local tire store. I guess we got lucky once again, because there was nothing for the 40 miles and no cell coverage in the higher elevations. Sorry, I looked and had no picture, just videos.

The last of all our day-night shades have broke and we replaced them all with curtains. Our generator has stopped working. It happen while boondocking in Sedona, AZ. We had no power for four days, but managed to survive without it. This is kind of good, Hiromi and I were talking about plans to install solar panels and use the generator space for the batteries. We also want to do some remodeling of removing all the carpeting and replacing the tile floor.

2016 was year one on YouTube and I had goals to work to make it better in 2017. I started off year two good getting new content out. But, when we got to Japan and got really busy seeing and doing stuff every day I never got around to editing all the videos. Now I have 6+ months of videos to put together. I have released only one video since our summer in Japan. If I want my YouTube channel to get off the ground I have to stop being lazy and get those videos edited.

To see all our (completed) YouTube videos click HERE. Don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel.

Goals for 2018
Remodel the RV floor and install solar panels. Continue to mark places and adventures off our bucket list. Get off my lazy but and get videos loaded to my YouTube channel. Sign up for Amazon CamperForce in Murfreesboro, TN. Get more autographs, bats and baseball at 2018 spring training. Taking two trips to Japan put a dent in our travel budget. I will have to look for a spring job while in Arizona as Hiromi will be going back to Japan in May (three trips to Japan in 12 months) for the spreading of your father's ashes.

On November 24th, we got a phone call from Hiromi's brother. He never calls us and I knew something was wrong. We got the news that my Father-in-law had passed away. Hiromi was strong and I was the one that took the news the hardest. Hiroshi was only in my life for a short time (25 years), but the relationship we had was one that does not occur often when a foreigner marries a Japanese only daughter. I am grateful he allowed me to marry Hiromi and honored to call him Oto-san (Dad).

Our last picture taken together
(Tiger Twins)
Hiromi's last picture

As 2017 comes to a close, we are still in Japan supporting my mother-in-law Yoshiko and morning the lose of my Father-in-law Hiroshi Suzuki. Needless to say this BLOG and my YouTube channel sits idle at this time while we take care of family issues. After our return back to the US both sites will be active with new content.