Sunday, May 14, 2017



Have you ever cooked on a BBQ grill and the meat stuck to the grill where you had to pull it off and half of the meat was still on the grill? Have you ever cooked your meat only to see all the juices drip to the bottom of the grill leaving your meat dry? Do you hate cleaning your grill after you are done? If you have answered yes to any of these question I have something you.

One of our neighbors told us about grill mat. I never heard of it before, but after he explained it we had to try it out. Basically, it sit on top of the grill keeping all the meat juices instead of dripping to the bottom of the grill. The grill remains clean and the mat only needs to be rinsed off and is dishwasher safe. We looked for it on base at the BX, Wal Mart, Target and Camping World. Either they did not have it or they were sold out. There was a NASCAR Race in Phoenix and Camping World was sold out, until the following week. We returned and got it a club rate around $10.00 for two mats. After arriving in Las Vegas we finally had the chance to use it. We have used it on chicken, steak and hamburgers and has worked like a charm. The meat is more juicy and the grill remains clean with little efforts. Shortly after using it the the grill vanished and now we are down to only the oven mat, but I still use it on the grill.

Lately I have seen several different brands, but they all work the same. There is usually two mats in the box. The smaller is for the outside BBQ Grill and the other larger one is for the house oven. I personally love it and wounder why it took me so long to find out about this product. I will never grill without it again. 5 *****       

Friday, May 5, 2017



Earlier this year I said we have a plan for a surprise vacation and if everything went smoothly I would let everyone know. Well, everything went smoothly! We will now play a game to see how well you us. 

1) I have lived here for 10 years.
2) Hiromi is from here.
3) Land of the rising sun.


Two months away and everything is in order.The hardest thing now is the wait. We are looking forward to seeing family and sharing our experience.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017



After leaving Arizona, we headed to Snowbird Mesa in Overton, NV ( BLM and free camping). This was our first experience with "REAL" BOONDOCKING. The view was great, we had a large area, but the winds.

After two straight days of 30 mile hour winds we packed up and headed back down in the valley were the wind was a lot comer. Our reservations at Nellis AFB was still four days away, I was on the hook to find a place to stay. The casinos on the boarder town of Nevada and Arizona in Mesquite, NV has 72 hour RV parking. We stayed two nights at two different casinos. 

Instead of gambling all day, I need some RV parts to do some light repairs to our tow turn signal. On our last stop it was working perfectly, Somewhere in that last 100 miles it came unhooked and had some serious road rash.
                                                             NEW                100 Miles Road Rash

 I just need a new male 4 pin and 12V 6 pin adapter. The local Wal Mart did not have what I needed and the closes Camping World was 40 miles two states away  in Utah. We were in Arizona about three miles from the Nevada boarder. our rear driver outer tire blew. Parts of the tire hit the car next to us and they pulled over too. After checking to see if Hiromi was ok, I went to their car to see how they were. Everyone was fine and now time for roadside service.  After only a few minutes on the phone with GEICO there was a service worker pulling over to help change our tire.

There was some damage to the wheel cover and some items in our storage bin broke.

After a three hour ordeal we were secured in the Casino parking lot. The money we save boondocking and casino surfing was short lived as it went to replacing the tire and items broke. The RV damage is minor and something I think I can fix with a drill and rivet gun.

We did gamble a little taking $49.54 of the house money. Also, gamblers who only want to win big money leave small amounts in the machine or on the ground. I found six tickets the totaled $1.01. Hay, free money. If your dumb enough to leave it, I'll take it!

Monday, April 3, 2017



My annual pilgrimage to Spring Training puts me in Arizona for the third time in five years of full time RVing. For the next 57 days I will be in baseball heaven attending practices throughout Arizona and 32 games at Goodyear Ball Park home to the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians.

The defending Nippon Champions Nippon Ham-Fighters have arrived in Arizona for the first half of their spring training. 
The Fighters are calling Peoria home for the next two weeks where they were invited to use the practice fields for the San Diego Padres. The Superstar that most non Japanese fans know is Shohei Otani. Otani is a throw back to Babe Ruth. He can throw his fastball in the 100's and on non pitching days he is the teams DH. In just his fourth season he has a 39-13 record with 595 strikeouts, as the DH he has 40 Home Runs and batted .275. However, the 2016 season was his breakout season where he had a 1.86 ERA with 22 HR and batted .322.  In the 2016 Nippon All Star HR Derby he was allowed to participate and won the crown.

If you never seen a Japanese practice its a must. They practice at full game speed like a well oiled machine. Like their US counter parts who practice 2 hours the max, the Japanese team have 3 hours of infield, then take a break for lunch before they come back out for 3 hours of batting practice. To top it off they return to the players complex to lift weights before crossing the street to the teams hotel at the end of the day. As you could image US and Japanese fans lined the parking lot to try and get Otani autograph as he left. He is the only player that had a security escort. However, he is not the only good player on the team and it was easy picking to get the other players that most American fans don't know.   
 Shohei Otani
Edwin Escobar
 Chris Martin
 Takashi Saito
 Masato Yoshii
 Hichori Morimoto
 Hirotoshi Takanashi
 Brandon Laird

Just as the Fighters left Arizona, it was the report date for most of the MLB pitchers and catchers. I rolled right into Major League spring training and did not skip a beat. There are a several former Kent State players in AZ and I attend a few of their teams practices. My favorite player Travis Shaw was traded from the Red Sox to the Brewers and it was much more laid back at Maryvale then JetBlue South. Taylor Williams a pitcher also plays for the Brewers and Eric Lauer 2016 1st round pick of the Padres. It was the first time I have met Taylor Williams, but for Shaw and Lauer I was surprised that they remembered me. I have met Shaw at least once ever year but one since he was drafted in 2011 and Lauer remembered me for two years ago from a Cape Cod League.
Travis Shaw
 Taylor Williams
Eric Lauer 
                                               2015                                                    2017

Speaking of Kent State, Arizona alumni were out in full force on the first game of the year. I have meet at least 10 former or current Kent State at practices or games. WE ARE, KENT STATE!

Goodyear Ball Park once again gave out one free ticket to every game for active or retired military. I returned the favor by volunteering a few games and on 18 Mar I was awarded the Volunteer of the  Game.

I can not sit here and talk about the the next 57 days in detail or this blog would be a hundred pages long. However, the rest of the spring I spent most of the time in Goodyear to see my favorite team the defending American League Champions Cleveland Indians. 

My daily routine looked like this; I would be at practice by 9:30am, then walk across the street to see the game at 1:05pm (either the Indians or Reds). Finally, I would get home around 5:00pm just to do it all over again the next day. Towards the middle of spring training the minor league players arrived and I started to attend their practices and games too.  I was a little more prepared this spring then in the pass, but still not at the level I would like. I had about 90% of the major league spring training roster baseball cards to get signed, The only down side was the pitchers and catchers were hard to get as their practice area is closed off to fans. I did manage to get a few as they took the long the way back to the players complex or as they were coming off the back field from their run or simulated game with the minor league clubs. For the minor league side; I know a lot of the players when I see their face, but there is not a lot of baseball cards for them and hard to find at the local card shops who don't sell common or minor league cards.
                                  Yan Gomes                                Rick Manning
                   Ryan Braun                                                      Eric Davis
        Tyler Naquin                                    Bradley Zimmer

        Francisco Lindor
                                                                 Edwin Encarnacion        

                                                                       Carlos Santana
Trevor Bauer    
Travis Fryman
Mike Clevinger

I'm my biggest critic and would rate this spring as B+.  I need to work on getting pitcher and catchers autographs more. Even though I'm a Tribe fan for life, I still love baseball and need to work on other teams as well. My ball count was pretty good, and I was able to get a few broken bats. This is what my 2017 Spring Training Haul looks like.

#####Autos 186, Balls 50 (19 gave a-way), Bats 4, SGA 4 Bobblehead.#####

Our first boondocking at Snow Bird Mesa.