Wednesday, May 25, 2016



I guess it's really an over night two day trip to Columbus, OH. We left the RV and roughed it by staying is a hotel in downtown. With nothing going on we took the 2 and half hours drive south to see the Ohio State Capitol Building. While we are only 8 minutes away from Huntington Park, home of the Columbus Clippers the AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians we also took in a game. 


We thought it was funny that we have been to 17 other State Capitol Building before we even got to see the one in our home State.

Sadly. Ohio's State Capitol Building is not much to write home about. As a whole I would rank it close to the bottom of our list, so far. The House and Senates Chambers are a single floor with the viewing gallery surrounding the outer Chambers. The House Chambers where in session, so we went to the Senates Chambers. 

Our total of Capitol Buildings visited now stands at 18. It feels like we have seen them all, but we are not even half way finished


We stopped by our hotel to see if we could check-in early and they had our room ready so we could unload the car and walk around the area. Our room was BIG.
In the back corner there was a open area where we had our own dance floor.

We walked around the hotel area and stopped at Dick's Last Resort for lunch. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves as everyone else in the city was working their jobs is the high tower building surround the downtown area.

In most big cities we have seen the pay and ride bicycles.
Columbus was the first city we saw cars to go. Just like the bike, you rent the car and drop it off in a designated area in the city for the next person to rent.


The day before we left I spent a few hours going through my Indians baseball card collection pulling out player who are now in Columbus. The more players I take the better odds are of coming home with a few autographs. I also need to pick up a few team sets, this way when I go to Arizona spring training in 2017 I will have some minor league players cards they can sign along with all the major leaguers I collect during the year.
Hiromi and I walked 5 LONG block (Blue Jackets hockey arena took up three block in its self and counted that as one block) from our hotel and arrived a few minutes before they opened that gates. We walked right to the Clippers dugout where I waited for players to arrive to try and get autographs. Only myself and a young girl with her father was looking for autographs. It was the first time I have seen most of the players not wear a jacket or team hoodie, it was easy to read the player's number and find the ones I have cards for. Except for a small glitch in my plan. There is no player roster print outs like most other stadiums give out. I did not know that Austin Adams was called up to the majors and that Kyle Crockett was sent to Columbus. The other day when I puled out my Indians cards I wrote down the players name and jersey numbers, Number 22 was Austin Adams.  I kept calling Austin and he never looked up. Finally, he said, "I'm not Austin". When I got back to the hotel I looked up the team roster and noticed the roster moves. Today #22 was not Austin it was Kyle. Besides that, I did not do to bad as I got 9 autographs. I picked up a few ice cream and french fry helmet from the ground when the game was over. Not all the minor league teams have there own team logo on these helmet so I had to pick them up (of course I washed them when I got home). I'm not use to watching a home team lose this year, but the Clippers fell to the Bisons 7-4.

Game haul

2016 baseball season total: 32 games, 128 balls (39 give-a-way), 144 autographs, 8 bats

Monday, May 23, 2016



20-22 May

Coming home after a 7 game road trip the Ducks went 5-2. Including a three game series against the Eastern Division leaders Hartford Yard Goats where the Ducks took the series 2-1. Akron is sitting pretty in their division at 28-11 with a 6.5 game lead in the division and now has the best record in the Eastern League.

Akron will host Binghamton for a quick three game weekend series before heading back on the road. The last time the Mets came to Canal Park the Ducks swept the three game series. I do not have any Mets players baseball cards and I keep getting the same Duck players on baseball cards. I think I'll try and get Bradley Zimmer and Clint Frazier on MLB baseballs. I'll take both the baseball cards and MLB baseball, I'll see what is easier to get signed when I get to the games. Akron will have a firework show on Friday and SGA on Saturday.

Game one: I arrived at the stadium 30 minutes before first pitch. I went to the Ducks foul line to try and get autographs. I got a total of six including Bradley Zimmer on a MLB Baseball. There was a group of teenagers in front of me and one girl, maybe 15-17 years old is Masklophobia (fear of mascot).
She was shacking, crying and she fell to ground and rolled into a ball. When the Mascot came to her row she jumped over the seats several row back just to get away from them. This was the first time I have ever seen Masklophobia in a teenager (only really young kids)and I felt bad for her as her friends were laughing at her. Back to the game...Ducks scored 6 run in the first 6 inning, then the relief pitchers came in and gave up 7 runs before getting the first out in the inning. The Ducks would come back scoring one run in the 7th to tie and one in the 8th to take the lead.  For the final play of the game was a foul ball near the visitor dugout were the catcher caught the ball, but fell on his but. He jumped up and threw the ball to third base to get the runner trying to tag up from second base. I moved to that side of the field to try and get a broken bat after the game (no luck) and the play happen just to the right of me. I' was looking for the video of that play, but nothing was posted on the Duck website. Ducks won 8-7. I did not stay for the firework show with music from Justin Bieber.                        

Game two: It rained on and off most of last night and today. Since I did not go to BP yesterday, I went today. Unfortunately. the tarp was on the field and no BP today. There was not much to do but sit in my seat and watch the clouds move in with the grounds crew on standby to roll out the tarp if it started to rain heavy again.
The rain never came, but it was chilly and the game started on time.  Saturday give away day and the  RubberDucks had it's 3rd Annual Comicon Superhero Shield giveaway.
I did not take any baseball cards or baseball as the rain would have damage the autographs. Just a fan tonight. Duck had their ACE Shawn Morimando on the mound. He is on the big clubs 40 man roster. After tonight's game he improved to a league leading 8-0 on the season. It took until the 5th inning for the Ducks to take the lead, but when they did they kept the lead and add more runs winning 5-2. The way I have seen them play this year there is no deficit the Ducks can't rally from. They may not come from behind and win every game, but it sure will be fun to watch them try.

Game three: It looked pretty dry at the campground so I left early for the day game to see if there would be BP today. The Ducks did not have BP and the Mets started late. There was only one ball that left the field during BP and I got it. That is not normal to have only one foul ball at BP. But, as my mom always said, "one is better than none". Sun was out and looked a lot better than game 2.
Before the game started, I saw a RV parked outside the stadium. Another RV'er who loves baseball... who would have guessed?
 The Ducks wasted no time putting runs on the board today, and they kept adding on the whole game. There would be no nail biting today. Ducks won 7-1 sweeping another series at home. That is now 13 straight wins at home. Ducks are 31-11 with a 7.5 game lead in the division.

Weeks 7 haul
Not a lot to show off this week, but the weather
played a big roll in the autographing game.

Week's total: 3 games, 1 balls (0 give-a-way), 6 autographs, 1 SGA
Games: 1 day  2 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 3-0

Akron's total: 17 games, 87 balls (34 give-a-way), 59 autographs, 1 bat, 5 SGA, Give away $ ($2.00)
Games: 6 day  11 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 15-2

2016 baseball season total: 31 games, 128 balls (39 give-a-way), 135 autographs, 8 bats

Friday, May 20, 2016



I wanted to post something different besides Akron Rubberducks baseball games. Three weeks into the season and it's a ghost town in the campground. Even on the weekends, there are only a hand full of campers. I'm sure that will change after Memorial Day, but until then there is not much going on. We go to the Hartville Flea Market on non raining days, visit my parents once a week (to do laundry), walk around the RV park and both of us sit on our computers way to long. I guess the biggest adventure we have is seeing if our awning will remain in one piece. We have not opened it all winter and when we did water just pulled out and the bottom was filthy. When I opened the awning the pull down strap broke, so I had to get a new one. After the awning arms bars bent along with the release switch in Haslet, TX (during our workamping at Amazon) it took two guys to get it closed. 
After cleaning it I strapped and tied it down. With no one at the park and not knowing if Hiromi will be able to help me get it closed, we watch the weather to see when the winds will be high and watch the awning dance hoping that the straps and rope will hold. Either when my Uncle or neighbor returns I will have to ask for their help to see if I can get it to close. Until then ...(fingers crossed)... hoping the wind stays under 20 MPH. North East Ohio (NEO)weather is so unpredictable, one day it's sunny in the 80's the next it's raining in the 30's. It even snowed one day and stuck to the ground in some parts of Cleveland. June can not get here quick enough for me!

When staying in one spot for the summer it's a slower pace than what I'm use to the last two summers. When Akron RubberDucks are on the road everyday seems to have it's routine, and it feels like we're locked in the RV because of the unknown weather forecast. I just have to get out and do something. I have not felt this locked up since we lived in our apartment.Whatever the case I have to put an end to this dreadful so called routine and get back to having fun and adventures. I had enough and told Hiromi that I was taking her out to eat dinner. We only went to Grinders, but it felt good to get out of the RV even it was only for a few hours to eat dinner.

NEO weather changed once again, now it in the 70's and sunny. After seeing my parents (and getting our laundry done) I cut our lawn with a weed wacker (the only down side to staying at Cutty's). Cutty's had it's first pot luck of the season, Hiromi made deviled eggs.
The turn out was bigger than we thought, I have not seen this many people all year. They must have been locked in their rigs too because of the weather. Great company, meeting new people and rekindling old friendships.

Scheduling game nights are still in the works, but Wednesday morning donuts are set in stone, followed by midweek exercise Wednesday... Funny how that works! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016



Week 6
9-11 May

Ducks are home for a short three game series against Erie Seawolves (Tigers). I was not going to go to game 2 and 3 as they are education days where the stadium is full of elementary students. However, I saw that my tickets had me sitting in club suits, so it was a no-brainer to go to these games now. There will be no BP as both games start at 10:35am and I'm not fighting kids for autographs so I will be just a fan this home stand. Hiromi has never been in club seats so I got extra tickets for her for both games.

Game one: I did not show up early for BP. With only one day to try and get Erie players autographs I focused on that. I have only two player cards and I got both signed. Each team starter had ERA under 1.50. I thought that it would be a good pitching dual, but both teams squared up on the ball totaling 13 Hits 10 Runs and 3 Home Runs in the first 5 innings. Both pitchers went 5 inning, but the bullpen would determine who would win this game. The Ducks pitching was better and their bats remained hot. Needless to say the Ducks won 12-5. I went to the game thinking no ball day, but got a game used toss up from Joe Sever (another ballhawk milestone career ball number 250). To top the night off I got a broken bat from Erie's Jeff McVaney.

Game two: Education day ONE had our seats in the Duck's Club Suite. Our view for today's game. Free food, drinks and no students in sight.

It rained most of the early morning and when we arrived they were taking the tarp off the field. First pitch was only 5 minutes late. A sell out crowed, saw all the Ducks runs in the first inning on a grand slam by Jeremy Lucas. That's all the Ducks need as they won 4-2.

Game three: Education day TWO had our seats in the Suite 212 above home plate.... or so we thought. When we arrive suite 212 was full, went to 209 full, 214 full, finally suite 216. Not sure why all the season ticket holders had tickets to suite 212? Check out our view.

Painting murals of Aeros, Ducks and Tribe legends line the walls.

After spotting Erie an early three run lead in the first inning, it was time to play ball. The Ducks would not die and tied the game three different times, but never got the go ahead run across the plate, until the 10th inning. With only one out, the bases loaded it felt like the momentum shifted and wouldn't you know the pitcher hit the batter and the winning run scored on a walk-off hit by pitch.. Another home series sweep for the Ducks and a 9-8 win.

Week 6 Haul

Ducks lead their division with a 22-9 record and a 7.5 game lead.

Week's total: 3 games, 1 balls (0 give-a-way), 2 autographs 1 bat
Games: 2 day  1 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 3-0

Akron's total: 14 games, 86 balls (34 give-a-way), 53 autographs, 1 bat 4 SGA Give-a-way $ ($2.00)
Games: 5 day  9 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 12-2

2016 baseball season total: 28 games, 127 balls (39 give-a-way), 129 autographs, 8 bats

8 days on the road until a weekend series with Binghamton Mets.

Monday, May 9, 2016


29 Apr - 1 May

After a rough road trip going 2-5 the Ducks return to Canal Park with a 12-8 record with a 2 game lead in their division. Akron will host Altoona Curve (Pirates) for a three game weekend series.

Game one: I was unable to attend the game as our campground opened for the season and we spend all day moving in, setting up and meeting our neighbors for the next five months. Ducks won 6-2.

Game two: I used my unused ticket from game one to bring Hiromi with me to get two SGA Jaret Wright Bobblehead.

There was a few season ticket holders who came early for BP. Not sure if it was because it was a Saturday day game, Jaret Wright bobblehead give-a-way or to try and get autographs of the Curves top two prospects in Reese McGuire and Austin Meadows. I did manage to get three baseballs at BP (gave 2 balls away), I got one game used ball off a foul ball. The ball entered the Ducks dugout and Pitcher Rob Kaminsky was looking for someone to throw it to. I yelled his name and he threw it to me. The rain started to fall so we moved up to the seats that where covered. There was two kids sitting an aisle over and when the players recorded the final out and returning to the dugout they where asking for the ball 20 some row up (no way are they going to get a ball).  I pulled two balls out of my bag and asked their father if I could give them the ball. The kids faces light up when I gave the balls to them. The father could not stop thanking me. I got 8 Curve autographs before the game and 4 Ducks autographs after the game. The Ducks feasted on some good home cooking with a total of 12 hits and back-to-back Home Runs in the 8th inning was the icing on the cake winning 10-3.

Game three: From the end of the game the night before until mid morning it rained. The game was not postponed, but I decided it was not worth going. More than likely there would be no BP and no one coming out early to sign autographs. Saved the ticket for a game with better weather... maybe next bobblehead night! Wouldn't you know, around noon the rain stopped and the sun came out. The game would go into extra inning and Ducks won in 12 inning on a walk-off single to center 3-2.

The Ducks swept the series 3-0 improving to a 15-8 record and increasing their division lead to 4 games.

Week's total: 1 games, 4 balls (2 give-a-way), 12 autographs, 2 SGA Bobblehead
Games: 1 day  0 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 1-0

Akron's total: 8 games, 57 balls (19 give-a-way), 38 autographs, 4 SGA Give-a-way $ ($2.00)
Games: 3 day  5 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 6-2

2016 baseball season total: 22 games, 97 balls (25 give-a-way), 114 autographs, 7 bats

2-5 May

Trenton Thunder (Yankees) comes into Canal Park for a four game series. These two teams faced off last week in Trenton and the Thunder shout down the hot bats of the Ducks winning the series 3-1. Let hope the tide turns this series. Coming into the series the Thunder are riding a 4 game win streak with an extra day of rest as their game last night was postponed due to rain.

Game one: I got 7 balls at BP and gave 3 away to kids. I went for Thunders autographs, but with  the cold weather all the pitchers were wearing sweatshirts so I could not see their jersey number. I did get one autograph. Trenton held Akron to only 2 run on 3 hits. Thunder did managed to load the bases in the ninth to make it interesting, but Duck pitching struck out the side to close out the 2-1 win.

Game two: During BP the sun was out and I got 6 baseballs. I don't know what it was, but I felt guilty about something and have no idea why, so I gave all 6 balls away. After I got home I asked myself why did I give all six balls away? I did get a game used ball after the third out tossed up by Bradley Zimmer that I did keep (so 7 balls total). Still tying to get the visiting teams autographs, by the time the game stated the weather was getting cool and all the pitchers were wearing sweatshirts again. Could not see their jersey number. I did get one auto of Thunders manager Bobby Mitchell. After 5 inning of not getting a hit, Akron bats came alive batting around sending 9 guys to the plate in the 6th inning scoring 4 runs. Three run came on one swing of the bat on a Bryson Myles 3-run homer. Akron won 4-2 extending their win streak to five games.

Game three: Game was postponed due to rain.

Game four: Another good day at BP, I picked 14 balls in the first 15 minutes of BP. I could not fit anymore into my bag so I called it quits. Throughout the game I gave 5 balls away to kids. I got one game used ball, toss up from Nellie Rodriguez after the inning third out (15 total balls). I had only one Trenton player left to get autographed from. After BP he stopped and signed for me. Now I had time to get Akron players before the game and did not wast my chance by getting 10 autographs. RubberDucks bats remained hot pounding out 11 hit winning 6-1.  

Akron swept another series extending their win steak to 6 straight. Record stands at 18-8 with a 6 game lead in their division.

Week 4&5 Haul

Week's total: 3 games, 29 balls (14 give-a-way), 13 autographs
Games: 0 day  3 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 3-0

Akron's total: 11 games, 85 balls (34 give-a-way), 51 autographs, 4 SGA Give-a-way $ ($2.00)
Games: 3 day  8 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 9-2

2016 baseball season total: 25 games, 126 balls (39 give-a-way), 127 autographs, 7 bats

Erie SeaWolves (Tigers)