Monday, December 14, 2015



We finished our five days off, but my wrist was still hurting and I had to terminate my commitment with Amazon. Because it was due to injury I can still apply next season. However, Hiromi was the one to man up and finish her commitment strong. Now, the roles have changed. She is the one making the meal money, while I'm the one making the meals. After only two days I give major props to Hiromi (and all stay at home spouses) for doing the house duties for over twenty years when I was deployed for 6-8 months at a time in the service. It's so quite and after finish finding things to clean and stay busy I was going insane with no one to talk to. Now I know how important One-eye (our cat 15+ years old with FIV and one eye) was to her.  I just have to hang on for five weeks. I was so worried about dinner the first night that I wanted it done so when she got home she could just sit down and eat. I was a wreak I finished 45 minutes before she arrived home and had to reheat it on the stove when she arrive home. I think it was the first time in a long time that we actually talked to each other about how our day went (as we were inseparable since we started full timing) . I could not shut up and she was so busy at work she did not have time to thing about me :(

Who would have guessed that I would see a sunset like this in December?

Week 14 Amazon moved Hiromi from day receiving to night picking. Her salary was increased by $4.25 an hour for moving to night so that is good since I don't work anymore. But, I'll tell you how bad management is here in Haslet. They mover her on Black Friday~ Cyber Monday week and expected her to have high picking numbers... come on now! Move people a few weeks before the big rush to start buying for Christmas.

Week 16 and the hours have changed once again from 55 hour weeks (11 hour for 5 days) to 56 hours and 15 minutes (11 hours 15 minutes for 5 days). What good is adding 15 more minutes to the work shift... maybe a few more tots and that's it. Still only getting two 15 minute breaks and 30 minute lunch. They should add another break or make them 20 minute breaks  When they moved everyone to night there is more people than workstations and most of the camperforce are working as waterspiders (loading tots to the conveyor after they are full by the pickers). Haslet is more automated, but there is still a lot of labor work too. I'd rather be at a normal warehouse where picker is walking around to storage shelves picking the product and placing the tots on the conveyor belt themselves. This way every picker would be picking and doing their own waterspidering.

Hiromi only has one more week left and she will be done. We are both looking forward to leaving and enjoying our retirement. If, we work Amazon next year it will be a normal warehouse like in KY or TN.

My review of working Amazon. I would work Amazon again, just not at an automated warehouse like Haslet. And, never a day shift again,only nights for this night owl.

With the weather dropping to 30 something at night we were running our electric heater all day and night and finally it burned out. We got a new one that has temperature settings. When we set the heater to 70 and the RV heats to 70 it kicks off and when it drop below 70 it turns back on. Our electric is free and we would have to move our RV to the LP station to fill up our tank if we used our central heating all the time.


Heading to Oklahoma to visit Japanese friends, Oklahoma Capitol Building and Oklahoma City NM. 

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