Wednesday, December 26, 2012


24 Dec 12
It's a very wet Christmas Eve, the high is 71 F and the rain keeps falling down, down, down. I can't get to upset, it's better than what's happening up North. I'd rather have rain than snow.

25 Dec 12
 I called my parents to wish them a Merry Christmas and got a gift of my own. I received my first TTM (through the mail) autograph. It is of Julian Edelman; Kent State alum and current New England Patriots. It took a total of 10 days. I mailed my request to the team's stadium. He is currently on IR with a foot injury and done for the season, that is why I think I got such a quick turn-a-round. I have four more Kent State football alums out and waiting for returns. Keeping my fingers crossed they return before the regular season ends and the players are gone until next season.

The RV Park had it Christmas dinner and the clubhouse was packed once again with lots of food to go around.  We used parts of the rosemary tree we got last week in our baked veggies dish.

                                                        Can you see the hole in the tree?
                                                    The wife should have cut from the top!

The storm held off until the sun set and then it hit Alabama for 3~4 straight hours with one confirmed tornado. That makes two tornado in as many weeks, and our RV is still intact. There was a group of people who hanged out in the clubhouse for a few hours as the storm passed and we played  bowling on the Wii with them.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


This week weather is to be better than last week, we'll just have to wait and see.

I guess I was wrong about the weather. Woke up around 4:30 am with thunder and lighting and we snuggled in for one more day of bad weather. We continued to get caught up on watch our favorite TV shows and movies. Mid to last evening the rain stopped, but with all the rain brought mud to our front door. The wife was wearing her rain boots when she went out. I stayed dry and never went out.

The sky opened and the sun came out to dry everything. The temperature was in the 70's and we had to get out of the RV for the day. We did not go anywhere special, but did get this weeks groceries. When we returned to the RV park, all the ladies was doing crafts. Today was paper beads and the wife made a necklace. It turned out pretty nice. Today, we also extended our stay at Azalea Acres until January 18th.

The last day we will be in the 70's until next week. Cold, wind and rain in the forecast the next few days. Keeping our finger crossed it does not get as bad as last week. We did take the awning down just in case.  The owner of Azalea Acres bought a Wii and I was asked to hook it up for her. If the rains come tomorrow, I'll be in the clubhouse playing the Wii all day. Christmas cards from fellow campers keep arriving in our mailbox. We are the kind of people who give cards and look for nothing in return.

Tonight was spaghetti night at the American Legion Post 44. The meal was only $5.00 and the plate was pretty BIG and fulfilling. The post was no where near as full as Friday night steak night, but still a decent sized crowd.

This time the weather "Person" was correct in predicting the weather. Around 4:00 am ~ 8:30 am the rain and winds came. Good thing we did put the awning away last night. There is no signs of tornado, but at least (for now) strong winds whipped through Mobile, AL causing major damage to shopping store in the Bel Air Mall area (where we went last week). After the storm passed. I walked around the RV and there was no damage. Our rig took the beating of rocking back and forth and still came out on top. Just in case you were wondering, the storm came early in the morning, so I did not have time to get to the clubhouse and play Wii (like I said I wound).

The weather was kind and the sun came out. Just to get out of the RV park we drove around for a different view. We came back to the RV park, no one was inside the clubhouse so the wife wanted to play Wii bowling. I beat her 2 out of 3 games. I wanted to add pictures, but forgot the camera in the RV. In the evening, the clubhouse was packed with everyone entertained with movie night.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This week we kicked back, relaxed and snuggled by the electric fire place keeping warm on a week that did not see the temperatures reach above 60 F. The sky was overcast and cloudy all week. The sky did however clear and open up for one night where we got a glimpse of the Geminid Meteor Shower on Wednesday 13 December.  Sorry, I have no pictures of the meteor shower. We did however get out to the post office to drop off our Christmas cards (if your family, keep your eyes open for your card... surprise). We got lucky, the sun came out for a few hours and I made a trip back to the park with the Christmas lights. This time I brought my tripod and was able to get our Christmas picture.

Friday night was the monthly pot luck. Most of the campers showed up and there was lots of food to go around for everyone. The wife made Japanese style fried chicken. She put sliced lemons next to the chicken and everyone thought it was fried fish. We were able to sit and talk to everyone and really got to know our neighbors then just the causal hello in passing. I have to say, I really like the staff and community at Azalea Acres. Most of the campers are seasonal and are here every winter. They opened their arms and welcomed us in, by far the best group of people we have met as a whole.

While I 'm on the topic of Azalea Staff, there was a surprised drop off of rosemary trees (I'm not one hundred percent sure how they got that so many, so I can't tell you) more than enough for every camper to get at least one tree. I think the wife will use it for cooking later. The front patio by the office door and the pavilion is still full of small trees.

                               Finally, I got a Navy flag and now it hangs on the awning arm on our RV.

The work crew fought the cold and finished putting the pavilion up. The staff is now putting Christmas lights up everywhere. There is no picnic tables or chairs put out yet, but I'm sure it will look nice when they are finished. Also, I heard they are going to build a stage in the pavilion for the annual concert that is held in April.

                   Some picture on our road trip in Alabama week 3. I just have to show them to everyone.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am a little behind in posting this blog. We have been on 8 hour round trip road trip, all day flea market shopping, NFL Sunday and was on the out edge of a tornado warring. Also, with the building of the pavilion (make of steel) the WiFi single is getting block/weak to our camping site. We are going out today to fight the cold (mid 50's) and do some grocery shopping at an Asian market, farmers market and regular grocery store. Usually, when we go shopping for food it's an all day event. By the time I get this blog posted we will be in week 4, sorry for being so far behind.

The big adventure this week was the trip to East of Montgomery to Tuskegee, AL. This was a National Park  trip where I got my Passport to National Parks stamped with two more place and was also a very educational one too. First, we arrived at the Tuskegee Airmen National Historical Site (NHS). From the roadway you can see a small airfield (that is still in use today) at the end of the road it leads you to two hangers and a few buildings. The main hanger is the entry point to the NHS and there is no fee to enter. As you walk in you will see two pilots portraits made from seeds and wood chips. Just by looking at them it was time consuming and was used in a float in a parade (not sure what parade). As you enter the main hanger, this is the display of the National Park. There are two planes, war room and several other historical displays along with parachutes the pilots used. The self guided tour leads to the back exit where you go outside to view the buildings and what they where used for. The second hanger is not open (they said they are working on restoring it). This is the hanger that has the air control tower. As I took the picture of the two hanger, I could picture how busy it would have been with moving planes out of the hanger, refueling them and taxiing the plane to the runway. 

Less than 5 miles away we then went to Tuskegee Institute and the home of Booker T Washington (NHS). As we took the tour of the house we where told the the house was built by the students who attended the Institute. The students also built 27 other building on the institute and they are still standing today. From what I understood from the tour, Tuskegee Institute was built in the late 1880's mostly from students who were not accepted to  the main Universities. The students would built these buildings, also make the material to build them (bricks, nails ....ect). After the completion of the building the students would graduate. Some students would server Booker T Washington and his family in the home and then graduate. From this, I understood the Institute was for vocational education where the students learned a trade kill and entered the work force in the South and was the first kind of Institute of its kind.

Besides the 8 hour drive we both were educated from this trip. I would recommend both of these NHS, but also recommend you stay closer than Mobile (the drive was too much in one day).

                                        Update picture of the pavilion as it's getting built.

Good new for Kent State fans hit Alabama this week. Kent State will play Arkansas State on 6 January 2013 in the Bowl  to be played at Ladd-Pebbles Stadium in Mobile, AL. I have been wearing my school colors all week. Kent State football (25th in the Nation) will be in their first bowl game in 40 years, first in my life time. Let's go Golden Flash! I AM, KENT STATE! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012



27450 Glass RD
Robertsdale, AL 36567
(251) 947-9530

I can't tell a lie, we found this RV park by dumb luck. With all the research we do when planing our trips or our next RV park some times you just need luck too. On a day trip to Alabama when we crossed the Alabama State line we made a pit stop at the visitor & welcome center. While looking for attraction near the state line we noticed the RV parks flyers. All the flyers were advertising for monthly rate less than what we were paying in Florida. So, we decided if we had time after our day trip we would drive by the RV parks and take a look at them. To keep the story short, we looked at three other RV parks and then we saw the sign board for Azalea Acres. We were close and had time so we made one last stop. Turned out to be the best thing we did. The other RV parks were nice, but noting like this. Azalea Acres was clean, the owners along with the workampers was kind and polite and the for the deal breaker ... the bathroom and showers are the cleanest I have seen.     

Azalea Acres is an adult only RV Park. The site sits on about 24 acres of land with about 50+ full hook up sites with 30 and 50 watts and about 12 acres is wooded area for walking trails (checkout their website for exact details). There are so many different paths to take it's different every time. The lots are pretty good size with a picnic table. We can fit our RV, car, tow dally, two bicycles, all our outside chair and tables and still have room for more. The accommodations are by far the best I have seen. There is free WiFi throughout the park and also in the club house on three different accesses. The club house is the eye catcher. It has a full kitchen, tables to hang out to drink coffee or play cards. There is a flat screen TV with Direct TV access for community viewing. Sunday's are the best to watch football with other campers. They have hundred of puzzles and book to keep you busy on cold and rainy days. The laundry room is the biggest I have seen. There are five washers and dryers with a folding table, deep sink and to top it off there is also a iron so you don't have to take your cloths back to your camper wrinkled. On the grounds there is a horse shoe pit and two gateball or croquet sets. I'm surprised I have not seen anyone playing cornhole. There is a monthly calender of events with group walks, craft, Texas hold'em, pot luck once a month, movie night once a month and there was Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. You can walk into the club house around mid day and always find a card game go on (most of the time golf. I've never heard of it, but I watch and try and learn.... maybe one day I'll jump in). We were surprised if you place your garbage out by the street before 10:00 am a workamper will drive by and pick it up for you. We've never seen this before, the owner gives out free food. We have taken advantage of this more than once. So far we have gotten pecans, red leaf lettuce and satsuma. The owners are in the process of building a pavillion for outdoor actives. On a nice clear night just look up and you can every star in the sky. The location is perfect, you are about 45 minutes away from Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL. If you want to stop for one night or a long period of time and are near the the Florida panhandle state line (I 10 E/W) pull your rig into Azalea Acres RV Park you will enjoy your stay just like so many other RV'ers before you.