Friday, February 1, 2013


I don't remember how many time we have drove through the small town of Foley, AL to get somewhere and never realized the town history or sightseeing they have to offer. One day we had to stop at a red light and while waiting for the light to change we looked around and saw places that caught our interest. When we returned to the RV park that night we did some research of Foley, AL on the internet and found a lot of places that we wanted to see.

With each new destination and experience comes an emotion, and The Foley Railroad Museum and Model Train Exhibit was no different. There is no fee to enter. As soon as I walked into to the back room where the model train was set up, I remembered the days of my childhood where I use to play with my model trains and wish that one day I could have build my set like this. On a 1/4 mile track that was built by volunteers that put in over 6,000 hours to complete.With a working fairest wheel, drive-in theater and attention to even the littlest detail makes it an amazing sight to see. They let me down to the tracks and walk around the model, so I got a behind the scenes look at floor level. This is where I was able to get right down on the track to see all the details, for example the gate dropping at a railroad crossing as the train passed and the DVD player that played the movie at the drive-in.

The Holmes Medical Museum was closing as we arrived (there is no fee to enter too) so this is still on the "to do list". We took a stroll to the corner to Stacy's Old Tyme Soda Fountain. It is the oldest drugstore and soda fountain in Foley and it still fills prescriptions in the back an serves sodas and shakes in the front. I'm not a coffee drinking, but it's only a whopping 10 cents a cup and the jukebox plays oldies for free. The wife and I shared a coke float.

Today's trip only put us back $2.50. Now that's what I call a day of fun without spending a lot of money. 

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