Friday, August 29, 2014



I did not forget to post our summer adventures. The goal is to catch up and maybe have some current events posted in between too.

We are waiting for our call from Amazon to start our winter job (until 23 Dec). Last word I received was that we would start on 1 Nov. Until then, we are at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV. With the football season upon us, and the last three years of having winning records I will test the waters. As the preseason have come to a close I was 21-9 and feeling good about my chances. Every week my wife wishes me luck! That is the key to my winning record and a little research never hurts either before laying the bet.

2 Jun - 2 Jul

We are held up at Tall Chief RV Resort for the month of June, located about 30 minutes from Downtown Seattle, WA. We did a lot of sightseeing, eating out and even crossed the border to BC, Canada to celebrate our 21st anniversary. I will try my best to keep in the timeline of the events we did. However, some events were similar so I'll just put them together. Also, putting all my events in one month as one post will be too big, and even I would not sit and read it all in one sitting. So, I have divided it into a few parts. Now, where to start......

I thought for a long time, the only things Seattle was famous for was Starbucks (by the way, I hate coffee), Bill Gates and of course Jimi Hendrix and Bruce & Brandon Lee.

My first stop was Jimi Hendrix grave at Greenwood Memorial Park. In his short spanned career of only four years he became one of the most influential electric guitarists in history. Unfortunately, he died in London, Sept 18, 1970 before I was born and I can only hear recordings of him playing. I'm left handed too, and for some reason I love left handed guitarist. When I had the change to be in Seattle, I could not pass up the opportunity to see his grave. Jimi Hendrix requested that when he died that he be buried in London. However, his family wanted him close to home in Seattle. In Sept 2014 a movie "Jimi: All is by My Side" is being released staring Andre "3000" Benjamin portraying Jimi Hendrix. Another movie added to my must watch list.

As we pulled into Greenwood Memorial Park main entrance we could see Jimi Hendrix grave site. You can't miss it, since it stands soo tall, all roads lead to his site. If you enter from the side entrance, it's right in front of you.

Born Lee Jun-fan, he was the founder of Jeet Kune Do and one of the most influential martial artists of all time later to be know as .... Bruce Lee. He was also a philosopher, always learning and translating into a easy way of understanding..." water my friend". Bruce Lee has touched the lives of so many and will continue to do so for generations to come. I watched Bruce Lee movies along with all of his son Brandon Lee movies growing up. It's tragic how both died young  Bruce (32) Brandon (28). Again, I had the chance to see their graves and I could not pass on this opportunity.

Located at Lake View Cemetery in the heart of downtown Seattle; 5 minutes from the Space Needle.Their site is a little hard to find, tucked away at the top of a hill beside a few bushes and a view of the lake. I remembered seeing pictures I found on the internet and was able to find it, but there is no room for parking. I drove up to the next area and parked along the road side so other cars could still pass. Another helpful hint was the yellow tape around other grave sites. I assume it was so people would not walk over them trying to get to Bruce and Brandon Lee site, have to show some kind of respect for the dead. Once we arrived groups of people started coming around, I guess they could not find his site, until they saw us.

For both Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee who was born in American, they had to move overseas to become famous in American.There will NEVER be another Jimi Hendrix or Bruce Lee come along for as long as I live. I just wish I was around to experience it like I was able to do with Kurt Cobain (another left handed guitarist).   

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


12 -19 Aug

Since I've become a full-time RV'er I dread the thought of flying. Yes, it might be faster getting from point A to point B and cheaper than fulling the RV tank ever 200 or so miles, but the service and rude people is not worth it. I paid for a service to leave and arrival  at a certain time and every time the plane takes off late and arrive late, all I hear is "we are sorry for the delay".  The cost of bags to check-in (what a joke) and what ever happened to the free peanuts? OK now for the rude the people. We are in the back of the plane, the last ones to get off and some dumb ass jumps out of his seat and runs down the aisle as fast as he can until other passengers start to get up and get their bags. At least he made it three rows closer to the door. Have a seat guy, wait your turn to leave the plane. Remember your bags will take another 30 minutes before they even get to baggage claim, then your bag is the last one to arrive on the carousel.

I was home for a week and it was packed with a long list of to-do before I had to leave. New driver license, tags for the car and RV, 2 trips to the VA clinic (2 different days), meet all the family and friends in the area and flea market, garage sales & auctions with my Aunt. Every night was capped off with a home cooked dinner and watched either an Indians baseball game or NFL game with my dad. Beside meeting all my family and friends, the little thing in life like watching a ball game with my dad was the icing on the cake. I even enjoyed my mom trying to put her two cents in on a game, then running out of the room because us guys got her mad about nothing.

One week has come and gone and the list of to-do was completed. I was sitting in the kitchen talking with my parents and two hours before I had to be at the airport I got board. Every day I woke up I was busy doing something and now I was sitting with my bags packed and my thumb up my a$$ looking at the clock. It was the longest two hours in the whole week, but I enjoyed every second of it with my mom and dad at the kitchen table. I was hoping that time would stand still and I could live in this moment for the rest of my life.

We arrived at Canton-Akron airport and I checked in. The lady at the counter put the wrong destination on my bag. When she gave me my receipt she said "your bags are ready for Raleigh, NC". WAIT!, I'm going to Las Vegas. She had to grab my bag off the conveyor belt before it went in the back, never to be seen again. She put the correct tag this time and I was wonder how the rest of the flight would go. The security check was easy and painless. Shoes remained on and computer was allowed to stay in my bag. I liked this check point, reminded me of days of old. However, the plane arrived late thus making us take off late. When I arrived in Charlotte, NC my next flight was late to arrive too making my arrival to Las Vegas late once again. All I heard is "we are sorry for the delay". And, to top it all off my suit case zipper was broke when it arrived, but I did not notice until after I got home. Did I ever mention I dread the thought of flying.

Monday, August 11, 2014



I'm still two months behind on my summer post, but don't worry I'm working on it. In the mean time here are some celebrities that we ran into the first week in Las Vegas.

9 Aug

We was walking around Las Vegas strip and at the Venetian who did we see... NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice at the Field of Dreams autograph session. Prices were ranging from $165-$600. I did however, get the chance to take some pictures while he was waiting for the session to start.

11 Aug

Another surprise, finding the heavy medial band 5FDP visiting Nellis AFB at the base exchange. Four of the five members was on hand for a meet and greet while signing autographs for free. Their new music video "Wrong side of Heaven" released today here. The message hits home hard for all Military Veterans.

Monday, August 4, 2014



JBLM is located just South of Tacoma, WA. Anytime I can stay at a military FAMCAMP I jump at the opportunity. Since they are on or close to a military base, I can get cheaper gas then off base and groceries & shopping are all tax free. Another good thing about FAMCAMP, they don't have high price for laundry average .$75 for wash and $.75 for dry. The camp sites on average are $20 a night with full hook-up and not charged for internet or electricity usage. Try getting that at a "Chain" RV Park.  Besides, even if you don't know your neighbor you already have something in common, you're brothers(sisters)-in-arms.

The goal in the next four days is to make some small fixes to the RV before pulling into a campground for a month long stay in Seattle, WA and of course to check out some local sites. 

28 May

We arrived shortly after 3:00pm. Our name and site number was on the guard box door. It helped that the camp host drove in behind us. We were on top of the hill looking down to the lake. There are three different FAMCAMP locations on this base. I think the other two were first come, first serve. 

There was one small thing I would have to add to the growing list of thing I would have to fix. Our water hose somehow got a hole close to the end that connect to the water pump (outside the rig). I have 3 extra hoses just for this reason. When I tried to disconnect the hose to replace it, the hose was corroded on the connector to the RV. We could still use the water, only that it looked like more water was spraying out of the hose then entering our tanks. I duck taped it and hope it holds until morning. 

Oh, almost forgot... for any NFL fan or Seattle Seahawk fan the Super Bowl Vince Lombardi Trophy was on tour to military bases in Washington and it so happened to be at JBLM today.

While at the BX I saw this T-shirt, just need to change retired Air Force to Navy or even to Full-Time RV.

29 May

I woke up with a list of fixes I wanted to get done today. The first thing I did was turn the water off. There was a large water puddle under the water valve. When I looked up there was a deer walking along the fence line eating it's morning breakfast. As I went back inside to get my camera I followed it until I was able to get a good shoot. 

Then, off to Camping World for the parts. To make a long story short and lesson learned remove the part you need replaced and take it with you. There I was looking at the water valves and I grabbed one, checked out and got back to the RV. When I started to replace it, the old one was a male end and the one I got was a female end. So, off to Camping World again. This time not so lucky, they had no male end to exchange or male to male connectors. The hunt was on... First the military BX, Lowe's and finally Home Depot. After connecting the time came to test my handy work, water started flowed out the threads. At least I was smart enough to have a bucket in the baggage door. I was back at square one and back at Home Depot looking for thread tape to hold the seal. Third times a charm and it was working. One down, a long list of others to do. But first, lunch then back at it. 

Another lesson learned, when you are finish close your baggage door. I left the baggage door open that houses my tools and dry food. We heard noise so we looked out the door to see what it was... a crow was inside our baggage door picking away at a bag of BBQ sunflower seeds. This day is just getting better ever second. Good news nothing got broke or damaged, just lost a bag of sunflower seeds... why could he not take the pickle of range flavored seeds.

After picking up all the seeds, so no more crows would get any funny ideas, I was on the RV roof to fix the TV antenna. I wrote about this on day two of the trip when a snow storm came in Northern Arizona. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I lost the ribbit at the bending point of the two rods. Since I don't have any ribbits or ribbit gun, I used a large zip tie. Then, flattened the point end that was bend upwards. The list went on with little things needing to be fixed. Lucky for me nothing too big I could not fix or expensive to brake the bank.

30 May

In my younger youth rebellious years and the first couple years in the Navy I listened to a lot of Nirvana. The lead singer Kurt Cobain was a pioneer and a leader in the movement of grunge rock. I have different feeling about his death, but this is not the place to express them,... After his death in April of 1994 he was cremated, with no official grave. A bridge where Kurt Cobain use to hangout close to his childhood home was turned into tribute park named "KC Riverfront Park". With no official address and only with the use of Google Map to find an address close by, I punched it in the navigator and we were off on a hour and a half drive.

As we arrived to the small town of Aberdeen, a sign board reads: Welcome to Aberdeen "Come as you are". That was a title of one of Nirvana songs. When we arrived at the park, I walked to the large guitar statue and looked around. I had a feeling come over me, but can't find any words that can describe that feeling. I walked under the bridge and saw all the graffiti of fans who wrote tribute to Kurt. There is a marble stone with a few of Kurt's quotes... some are funny, others hit home kind of hard. 

 I enlarged the next two, try to make it easier to read

A signboard hanging in the garage of a home next to the park. Thought it was funny, so I had to share.

As we were about ready to leave a local guy was walking through the park and started taking to me. Found out that Aberdeen has a walk of fame with all of it's famous people. Something we just had to checkout. I walked into some stores and asked the workers were Kurt Cobain's location is and everyone had a blank look on their face, like I should know this! I was eventually lead to a guitar store that Kurt Cobain used to learn to play and buy his guitars. The marker was placed in front of that store. The store has moved since the marker was placed, but the owner told us where to find it.  

Since it took over an hour to find his marker, I took pictures so it would be easier for the next fan to find. Coming into town there is a McDonald and Wal Mart on the left. Go over the bridge and stay in the far right lane. Located on the corner of E Wishikah ST and South H ST in front of building address 224 next to the bus stop. 
New Store location

I have long hair and long beard and I feel sometimes people look at me differently .... their lose! For those who I have meet on the road, I'm grateful to them that they did not judge a book by it cover and got to know me. I'm no different then them and we bonded some good friendships.

To top off the day, when we arrived back at the FAMCAMP we walked down to the lake saw a family of Bald Eagles flying over head looking for dinner in the waters below.

31 May

The day before we leave we wanted to stock up on food at the commissary and get our laundry done before we get hit with the high prices at our next Park. Before going to get food, I surprised the wife with a few games of bowling on base. $.75 shoes and $.75 a game... another great deal of being retired military and staying on base. We were the only ones there. Neither one of us will be on the PBA tour anytime soon, but at least we had fun.

Look at our scores, not turning pro anytime soon. 
 At least we scored better in our second game...
Still not ready to turn pro.