Monday, January 27, 2014

POST #100

POST #100

From the first day I started to write this blog I never thought I would make this many post, let alone 3,600+ views. Like everything else I try to write I stop and never completed. I have poems, journals and short stories and they just stop with no ending. I hope one day I can complete them. Like this blog I have several drafts waiting to be complete. We go on a trip back to back or some fun activity at the park and there is no time to write a good informal post. Like most other blog the post are current, mine sometimes a week or two have pasted before I get a chance to post it. It has been awhile since I have posted and just wanted you to know that I'm working on posting soon and have not given up on this blog. We just got back from Las Vegas, spring training part III and was part of the parks RV newly wed game are just some of the things I'm working on. Then I have to look thought all our pictures and decide on the best ones to post too. It's a lots of work. With the weather in the 80's I can't just sit in the RV all day typing we need to get out and enjoy the weather too. 

I hope you return and continue to view this blog as I will have at least one new post completed by mid week. Here's to another 100 post and more RV adventures. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014


With 22 days before pitchers and catcher report to spring training I was able to visit three more stadiums making the total 6 of 10 MLB spring training complexes completed. The weather in Arizona is in the mid to high 70's and some days even in the 80's I  can taste the start of the baseball season. I have had the chance to preview three stadiums in the last few weeks of the San Francisco Giants,  Arizona D-Backs & Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs. Hope you enjoy.

Scottsdale Stadium

Located at 7408 E Osborn RD, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. With the stadium in the heart of downtown Scottsdale it is by far one the most unfriendly complexes. There is no parking lot except of player only. Fans have to use the city parking garages or street parking. Second, the practice complex is about 7 blocks away and there parking is very limited as the parking lot is shared with a fitness center. I was not able to get into the stadium as city workers where power washing the seats and maintenance to the facilities. However, I was able to get on the practice fields. There are four fields, but you can't see all four at once. They are beside each other a run about four city blocks long. As I arrived there was some players leaving, but I did not recognize any of them. The only way I knew they were players is because when I as for permission to walk into the complex I saw them signing for their food money. When I walked into the complex there was still some players on the field taking ground ball infield drills. Again, I did not recognize any of the players. If you don't want to spend most of your day finding a parking space and walking blocks to either the stadium or practice filed arrive early. Oh, I more thing to add to the list of unfriendly aspects is there is no discounts of any kind and there is no prices set for game tickets. I was told by the box office that one day is could be $8 for lawn seat and the next day it could be $30 for the same lawn seat. With this stadium being the farthest away and most unfriendly (in my opinion) I will wait until the team visit Goodyear to hunt autographs of the Giants.

D-Backs and Rockies
Salt River Field

Located at 7555 N Pima RD, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. I have to say it's one of the nieces complex shared by two NL West teams. Salt River Field is placed in the center of the complex with each team having six practice fields (2 Major League and 4 Minor League) , two infield fields, bunting field, covered pitching mounds and more (that's all that I could see). The D-Backs had the fantasy camp in full motion as games where being played on two of the minor league fields. Parking for games are $5 and ticket range from $9 -$28 per game. Down side no discounts of any kind are offered. Stadium is closed and open only on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm for tours at $5 per person until February 25th. From the words of the box office worker (take it for it what is worth) both teams will start practice at 9 am everyday. The D-Backs have two Kent State Alumni in the minor leagues so I will have to make a stab at getting their autographs.

Less than 10 miles away on the 101 is the new Cubs Park. I should be able to knock out three teams in one after noon (if I can get the practice times to line up perfectly).

Cubs Park
new park no website ... yet

Located at 2330 W Rio Salado Parkway, Mesa, AZ 85201. Cubs first year in their new ball park and still being worked on. The stadium and practice field is surrounded by fences to not let no one in. I sure hope the fences come down by January 25th as this is the open house day where fan can enter a view inside Cubs Park for free from 2-6 pm. I hope to be there to get a look from the other side of the fence. I have been reading articles and hearing stories that tickets will be hard to come by and some games are already sold out. Parking for game days are $7 and ticket range from $8-$38 per game and sadly again no discounts of any kind are offered. All pocket schedules where gone, but the box office is ordering more. I hope they come in on time for the open house. The practice field is located right next to Cubs Park and easy access to fields (after the fences come down). I will have more to review after the open house.

Four complexes remains, however their box office don't open until late January or a few days before pitcher and catcher report in February. I'm still hoping to preview them before the start of spring training along with the Cubs open house. Stay tune to next months part III preview and the start of MLB Spring Training.

Saturday, January 18, 2014



We exited off I-10 heading south on 85 for about two and a half hours and two US boarder checkpoints later we arrived at Organ Pipe Cactus National Park. If you find yourself in Mexico, you have gone too far. There is a 21 mile dirt loop road to take you around the National Park. The fee is $8 per vehicle, but our National Pass took care of that. There is a vehicle restriction of 25' long. With some of the turns in the mountain and dirt road I would not recommend a normal size RV of any length. There are a total 18 stops on the loop. There was a second drive path, but we did not go because there were restriction on the path about half way in and didn't fill comfortable going off-roading in a HHR.

I recommend going inside the visitors center first to view the National Parks video, exhibit and getting the maps of the two loop or you might find yourself thinking that all the cactus look the same and not understand the difference. The National Parks name sake is from the cactus the looks like organ pipes and are commonly only found in this area of the US.

We took the 21 mile loop road and found the first of two covered picnic areas where we stopped to eat our packed lunch. The view was nice, surrounded by the many types of cactus and mountain rang. We continued on the loop to take in the view of an ache high on the mountain top formed by volcano ash. As we drove to the next covered picnic area we found five vehicles, but no people. They must have took one of the hiking trails. What was so unique about one of the vehicles was that it was an extreme off road RV and from all places the licence plate was from Sweden.

Be advised that on your way back into civilization you will have to stop at the two US boarder checkpoint. They asked questions where are we coming from and if we came from Mexico at the same time they had dogs walking around our car when they checked our ID's. Also boarder vehicles are everywhere behind bushes and cactus looking for speeders too. Keep your eyes open and have ID's for everyone in your vehicle and your trip to Organ Pipe Cactus National Park will be worth the trip.

Sunday, January 12, 2014



Our RV Resort had a group tour to University of Phoenix Stadium, home to the NFL Arizona Cardinals. We had to drive to the stadium, so we left early to get lunch at Westgate City Center located a block away. As we were waiting for the other to show up, I walked around the Stadium and found the Pat Tillman Statue and water pond. 

The tour guide opened the doors and let our group into the stadium. As you walk into the doors there is a Cardinals Hall of Famers wall.

The next thing you see is the field... in this case the field was outside so all you saw was the floor.There is 13 tracks to pull the field in and out of the stadium. The stadium hold 68,400 seat and a extra 15,000 seats can be added. The scoreboard is the largest in the NFL. The dome can be open or closed and takes 15 minutes. The seats painting is an Indian symbol meaning good luck. The field, natural grass will remain outside until 1-2 days before game day when the field will then be painted.

A question was ask how much beer is used in a game and the reply was 37,000 kegs per game. That a lot of beer and at $5-$12 each nice little profit. There is 800 women toilets and 400 men toilets. You can walk around the stadium and can still have a view of the field or watch from the 600 TV's throughout the stadium. We made our way into the visitors locker room (Cardinals locker room is off  limits). There is a total of 4 locker rooms and the Cardinals locker room is used only by the Cardinals. For high school football,  or any sports the teams will use one of the other three locker rooms. We took the elevator to the ground floor and walked the halls to the visitors locker room. There is 60 lockers plus the head coach office and coaches dressing room.

We then made our way down the tunnel to field level. By the look of it the when the field in brought inside there is a 3-4' high where the field will fit. Top of the gray pole is where the top of the field will be when placed inside the dome. We then got together and took a group picture.

Last on the tour was press box and club box seats. Press box is nice and big with tables to eat and meet other reporters and then the press box with a great view and table space for everything. Under the table is four out lets and the internet ports (the user name and password was on the wall). The club box seat was at the end of the field and can see everything with soft cushion seats inside the room and outside in the box seat with it private bathroom. These club box go for $90,000 to $140,000 a season. I guess the owners have to pay the players some how

Press Box

Club Box