Thursday, February 7, 2013


The other day while trying to lower the day/night shade behind the sofa, the string gave out and broke. I took it down to try and restring it, but after a half hour and still no progress I decided it was not worth the time or effort. We don't like that they are made from paper like material too. We looked at Camping World and to replace a day/night shade is over $100. Instead we went to Wal Mart and got a curtain rod and drapes and spent about $20. There was no drapes that would fit an RV window at 56" x 28" so we got a pair of 28" x 60". We folded it in half so the length is now 30" to make it thicker to not allow much light inside when the drapes are pulled closed. The whole job only took about 30 minutes to complete and looks pretty good too. If, the day/night shade along the dinning table goes (keeping my finger crossed not soon) I will likely do the same to that window too. Another issue is the over head light as you enter the RV door. The plastic behind the spring that holds the light bulb broke into four parts not allowing the light bulb to make the connection required to light. I looked and I can not find the plastic piece only, looks like I will have to buy the whole set (estimating $35 ~ $40). Good news, all the other ceiling light work. We do not use that light very often, so we have put it off for a while. That is the next thing I will have to fix. We have had the RV for 9 months and so far only small fixes and repairs that are not very costly is a good thing. Keeping everything clean and in working order now hopefully will keep the cost of repairs down in the future too.

There was a new active added to the campground calender in February, beanbag baseball. The word baseball alone caught my interest. It kind of like cornhole, but the board in standing up making it a little harder. The beanbag enter the hole and the thrower (batter) gets that base. The thrower get three tries to hit a hole, but if they miss they are out. After a team gets three outs, the next team turn. We only played to 5 inning, but I'm sure you can play a whole 9 inning game. Some people threw to soft and could not hit the board, others threw to hard and over threw the board and one released the beanbag straight up and almost hit the ceiling of the pavilion. All-in-all everyone had fun and the afternoon passed pretty fast. I found a article of the game at ESPN.

                                            (all game pictures are from last month's game)

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