Sunday, October 13, 2013



526 Happy Hollow RD
Clement, KY
(502) 543-9877

There are two types of tours paid or free. First, the free. As you enter tell them you want the self guided tour. You get one pass for two sampled drinks. Second, the paid guided tour. The prices vary, you must be over 21 and fee is $10, retired military $5 and active duty military is free. Besides the guided tour you will receive a pass for two sample drinks and a free tasting glass. If you decided to get a guided tour arrive early as it was sold by noon. We took the self guided tour and saw the distiller exhibit from the 1800's and how the the oak barrels are made.

Then, came the tasting room. I tried Kid's Rock Red Stag and the wife tried the honey and maple. All brands were available for sampling ranging from 70 to 107 proof. I soon realized I'm not a straight up bourbon drinker, it need to be mixed, it's a required taste. I guess I'll a;ways be a beer man. 

Kentucky has a bourbon trail with a passport to get stamped of all the distillers. The passport is free and if you get seven stamps you can mail in the passport to get a free t-shirt and your passport returned. 

As were we leaving, we saw a group of guy take the self guided tour and with sample pass in hand they took a "B" line to the tasting house. We thought they must be local guys knowing they can get free drinks. 

Friday, October 11, 2013



800 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
(877) 775-8443

I can remove another dream from my baseball bucket list. We toured the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory the number one bat for Major League Baseball players. Admission to the theater, museum and factory is $11, but we got in for $9 with military discount. There is a 20 minute video "The Heart of the Game" in the theater superstar like Tony Gwynn, Jim Thome, Derek Jeter and other talk about their use of a Louisville Slugger bat during their career. After the video you exit into the museum. It looks and feels like you are leaving the club house and enter from a dugout.

As you walk into the museum you can enter a gated area where a staff member allows you to hold an actual game-used bat swung by some of baseball's all time greats. I chose to hold the Mickey Mantle bat. I had to wear batting gloves and then posed with the bat in my hands. There was six bat to choice from, but with a line of people waiting for their turn I held only one.

There was wax modules of Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter and Ken Griffey Jr smack dab in the middle of the museum surround by bats in glass cover draws and history information exhibits on the walls.

Our number and time was called and we made our way to the factory tour. There was no photo or video use allowed on the factory floor,so sorry there is no pictures, but I can highlight how they make their bats. Louisville family owned (fifth or sixth generations) and have been making bat for 129 years. The white ash or maple wood to make a Louisville Slugger bat comes from Pennsylvanian and New York forest. Tubs are cut out into 37 inch x 3 inch, dried and shipped to Louisville Factory.

The original way to make a bat was by hand. This process was time consuming and could take up to 20 minutes to make one bat. Now, the process in completed by machine with computer setting of a bat module. The wood spins at about 1,500 times and in 30 seconds a bat is formed. These bat are mostly for minor league players, mini and souvenir bat with less quality wood. The highest quality wood is saved and used to make Major League Baseball bats. This process is about the same but a little finer detail and completed in about 40 seconds. As we toured the factory floor we saw the burning of the company trademark in the bats and final sets of burning or painting the bat to the players liking. This is were they handed out the knobs at the end of the bat that was placed on the spinning wheels.  When the tour was finished mini Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory bat was handed out.

A little fact about players who used these bat, if their name in signed on the bat, they have a contract with Louisville Slugger. If their name is in all capital letters, they do not have a contract with Louisville Slugger. In front of the building is the famous 120 foot tall Slugger bat leaning along side the building as you walk into the main entrance doors. Along the front wall of the building and on the street at least four blocks away are bronze bat and home plate highlight the career of baseball all time greats.

As you enter the building, there is a autograph name plate of every player who has or had a contract with Louisville Slugger including international player mostly from Japan. There is also a section on the wall dedicated to the player who have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame who used Louisville Slugger bat during the career.

If you are just an average fan or love baseball as much as I do, you MUST go to Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory at least once in your life time. There is so much to learn behind the scenes of "American past-time" that makes baseball the greatest game on earth.

Thursday, October 10, 2013



4850 Powell RD
Powell, OH 43065
(614) 645-3400

We got a late start to our day, because when we tried to pay our last electric bill and turn in our gate card the front office the night before they were closed. So we had to wait until 9:00 am the following day. By the time we left the campground we were two hour behind schedule, but who cares about time when your retired.... right? We finally arrived at Columbus Zoo around 2:00 pm we stayed for about four hours and saw almost everything at the zoo. There was three exhibits I liked the most. One, was the Gorilla. When I was recording one stood up and ran/ charged the glass right in front of me, not once, but twice and I was luckily enough to get it one video both times. Second, was the python, it was huge an took forever to when in tried to move just a few inches. Third, was the Flying Fox (Pteropus Vampyrus). How do I saw this without being gross.... when they have bowel movement, they release their legs from and upside down hanging and release then return to the upside down position. Also, when they opened up their wingspan was just amazingly long (can reach up to 5 1/2 feet wide).

Zoo entrance
 alligator snapping turtle
 Flying Fox (Pteropus Vampyrus)
 polar bear
 brown bear
 bold eagles

Instead of fighting the even rush of traffic leaving Columbus heading into Cincinnati crossing into Kentucky we hung out in the zoo parking lot and ate dinner in the RV before hitting the road. As we headed South to Kentucky we had tried to stop for the night at two rest stops in Ohio, but there was no open parking so we keep driving until we reached the Kentucky boarder. We spent the night at the Kentucky Welcome Center right as we left Cincinnati. Not sure why they call it a Welcome Center as there is no Welcome Center anymore. I looked at the sign for the hours of operation is said close, close, close (If anyone knows why it's closed let me know). We spent the night roughing it alongside semi trucks who left their engines on all night. When we woke up a WWE truck was parked next to us.

Monday, October 7, 2013



We played our last domino game of the season. We had maybe one of the biggest turn outs all season with three full tables. The wife finished second and I finished dead last at our table. I was caught with 116 point on next to last hand and went from third to last with no change of a come back. Oh well, we still had fun. To our surprised when all the tables was finished playing all the campers put together a cake and a gift of a domino set for us so we will continue to play were ever the road may take us.

We had a twenty-five day itinerary to visit National Parks along our route to this season’s winter home in Arizona. Unfortunately, this will not happen now until the Government stops fighting and gets its act together to put an end to the Government work stoppage. Thankfully, there is more in America to see besides just National Parks. We had put plan B into motion and have several other places were going to visit along the way. We have cut the road trip to about fourteen days and will still have fun driving across American. I hope you keep following us on our adventures.  

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Every time we return to Canton we have to eat sushi at WASABI in the Belden Village Strip. This year it took us almost six months to do so, but we finally found the time and it was worth the wait. I order the nine piece set with tuna roll and the wife had the Chirashi. Both orders came with salad and miso soup.

 nine piece set with tuna roll

The wife had visited the dentist for her checkup and cleaning and pasted with perfect teeth. We walked in as first time patient and no records on file. As Full-Time RV’er we carry our own medical and dental records with us where ever we go and the doctor was impressed that we had our own records. Before I retired from the Navy I made copies of my medical and dental records just in case I would need them in the future. Good thing I did, because it comes in handy when visiting a doctor for the first time who knows nothing about us. To our surprised after a patient is done with their visit the dentist office gives them a flower.