Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This week will be our last at Azalea Acres in Alabama. We have had a lot of fun, visited some nice places and met a lot of good people, and it will be sad when we say our goodbye's. We enjoyed our time here and if we are ever in Alabama/Florida panhandle again we will make our way back to Azalea Acres. But, it's time for us to move on to see new places and meet new people. A good rule to use is when we can get to places without using our navigator it's time to move on.

This week is mostly planed out already. Monday and Tuesday are the only days left open to complete our actives left on our "to do list". Wednesday, we are going to Pensacola, FL to go to our bank and commissary on the base for our groceries. Thursday, is pot luck for the RV park and Valentines Day. The weekend we will be doing our last loads of laundry, packing the RV to be safe for the road, last run to fill up our water jugs with local spring water and completing any last minute things needed for the road. And, Sunday night I will take the wife out to eat (not no fast food place) so we don't have to cook and clean up our last night in the RV park.

I'm a few days behind in posting this, so I will update events until I post.

Tuesday, we made it to Holmes Medical Museum in Foley, AL to mark off the last of the things to see in "LA" (Lower Alabama). After the tour I was thinking how people felt gong to the doctors in the 1930's. Some of the medical instruments looked like torture tools and I would have never visited a doctors office. We went with one couple from the RV park and she is a nurse so we also got stories of how the instruments would have been used. The tour was self guided and with her walking with us made us understand more, then from reading the tour pamphlet.

Wednesday, we went to the commissary in Pensacola, FL and took the same couple with us. They have never been to a military commissary and exchange. They came to see the price differences from a regular store. The news called for afternoon rain, so we did not stay long and by the time we got all the food into the RV the rain started. Today, should be the last day of rain for the week. We have to pack and get the RV ready to hit the road and with no rain in the forecast it will be perfect to dry out the awning and repack the outside storage.

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