Tuesday, December 30, 2014



26 Dec
A day after the wife and I spent a quit Christmas just kicking back watching TV shows we took off to see the California Capitol Building in Sacramento. The drive was just under one hour way and now we have been to five Capitol Building. The main entrance is closed and all visitors must enter from the L Street entrance.  After a quick airport like security check we were free to rome the halls of the Capitol Building. First was a stop in front of the Governor Office. There is a large bear statue and an armed guard standing watch on the door.  When I retired from the Navy, then Governor Arnold Schwarzengger, signed one of my retirement service letter thanking me for my twenty years of service. I was just feets away from where that process all started. 

We then walked around taking pictures of the inside of three story dome roof, the speaker floor and even rode one of the buildings elevators. Then we went outside to the front and took some pictures with the Capitol Building in the foreground.

We were starting to get hungry, so we made our way to sampling of flavored oils at Chef Olive Mix. 

Now I was hungry for some real food and we went around the corner and ate at River City Saloons. We order ours clubs at the bar and was eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor…. When in Rome!

One last stop to get saltwater taffy. As we walked out the store I saw an officer writing me a ticket as the meter must of ran out when we were in the store getting the taffy. When I walked to the back of the car to talk to the officer, she stopped writing the ticket and let me go. I did not have to say a word. Today must have been my lucky day.

 All them barrels of taffy and this is all we walked out with!!! What's up with that???

On our way back to Travis AFB we hit all the traffic and felt like it took twice as long to get back as it did to get to Downtown Sacramento. … One thing I found out from this is that California drivers are some of the less patient drivers I have ever seen.

 Being the weekend and Christmas traffic with everyone going back home I'm not looking forward to all the traffic we will be stuck in. The next few days will be long ones on the road. Tomorrow we are heading to LA to eat dinner at a Japanese restaurant the wife have been wanting to visit, then find a place to spend the night somewhere (California law is tough on overnight stays in public places). Then the next day a short stop to Palm Springs for the wife to sightseeing. Then finally, to Buckeye, AZ for our snowbird home at Leaf Verde RV Resort.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014



22 Dec

We made it up and over Donner Pass with no problem. There was lots of snow, but none on the road so the drive was easier than we expected. There are a few decline grades of 4% -6%, but nothing as bad as we ran into earlier in the summer when we saw 23% grades.

Kids sled riding at rest stop near Donner Lake

 About the half way point to Travis AFB, we stopped to eat lunch at a rest stop, then we were back on the road for the last stretch.  About 10 miles down the road we saw the rock slide that was a road alert when we left. The road lane was cleaned up with piles of rock on the shoulder with cones to alert drivers. Shortly after that, a passerby passed us and slowed down waving her hands telling us to pullover. We followed them and exited at the next off ramp and got out. The inside of our tow dolly tire was smoking and looked like the ball bearing just melted away.

 We unhooked the car, drover to a quit (no traffic) area and left the RV and tow as we drove 4 miles or so back into the closes town. About 2 hours later we finally found a place that could do the work and went back to get the RV and tow to drop off at the shop.  Next was to find a place to stay for the night. We could stay at the rest stop, but have no idea how long we would have stay until the tow got fixed. Because of Christmas this week we could be waiting for parts until Friday, so we pulled out our Passport America book and started looking. Two miles back East from the rest stop was the closes park. …It’s a small world, the camp host family saw my wife and knew that she was Japanese and stared talking Japanese. They lived in Yokosuka, Japan for 7 as English teachers.  We got settled in and drove to the inn dinner across the highway to eat dinner. I had the steak and scampi and the wife had stuffed pork lone.

After we ate the soup that came in large bowl and bread I was pretty much full. I ate the veggies, some of the steak and asked for the rest to go. The owned came over and asked if everything with the meal was ok, because I did not eat a lot. I told her that after the soup I was full. I think while working at Amazon and losing weight my stomach has gotten smaller.  We returned to the RV and I turned in for the night.

23 Dec

I woke up with high hopes that the tow dolly will be fixed today and we can get back on the road to Travis AFB. The campground we are at is cheaper using our Passport America pass then the base, but we did not get any food before we left since we were going to the base and we could go the commissary.  We have to get to base today, as the next few day, more than likely the commissary will be closed. Well, that did not happen.  We paid for one more night and went shopping for some food, then hung out in the RV until we got the call around 4:00pm. We will pick up the tow dolly tomorrow; as they are open until noon on Christmas Eve. The total coast to get the bearing and cap replaced just under $200. We should be back in full working order and arrive at Travis AFB by mid day on the 24th. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014



It's official, my time at Amazon has come to an end. The last two days there has not been very much work for us CamperForce to do. Thursday, I walked into work and attended the free class on resume and interviews, then reported to my assigned stowing area and everyone was standing around waiting for work. One manager walked up and asked who wants to leave early, almost everyone signed up for volunteer time off. I remember there was times no one wanted to leave early and was looking to work overtime, my how we change our thinking when we are so close to being released. Friday, was pretty much the same. We stowed our carts and hanged around until 11:00pm when the remaining CampeForce (who worked over 320 hr to earn 5 hr paid vacation) punched out early to use our vacations time. By 11:01pm I was in my car heading home. It's a sad and happy time all rolled up into one. Sad, that we are leaving and everyone is heading in different directions.... oh and I will no long receive a weekly paycheck. Happy that now we can move on to warmer weather and start making plans on how to enjoy spending the extra money. There is no doubt in my mind that I will sign up to work next season at an Amazon warehouse, the only question that remains is what location I will choose next. The only thing I know for sure is that I talked my wife into working next season with me. January 15th is when I was told that Amazon will open CamperForce applications. If you are thinking about working as a CamperForce for Amazon next season, sign up. The work is hard and the hours are long, but overall I enjoyed my time working for Amazon. Now, we have a little extra money in our pocket that we can spend on our 2015 road trip.

I'm keeping my eyes open on Donner pass (I 80 WB) weather as that is the way we are leaving Nevada to head to Cali. Currently, the forecast called for light rain/snow on Sat (20 Dec) with 10% precipitation, Cloudy on Sun (21 Dec) with 0% precipitation and mostly clear on Mon (22 Dec) with a high of 53. We are currently leaning to leaving on Monday for the 4 hour or so drive to Travis AFB where we will stop to rest and spend our Christmas, before heading to Arizona for the rest of our winter. The wife and I are both looking forward to the warmer weather.

The other day, I read a blog where the author said something along the lines becoming a full-time RV'er will not change you. If you are not a social person before, you will not be social after becoming a full-timer. My wife and I both have very small social circles. It's tough for us to open up and let others into our little world. Maybe because we got hurt before trying to make new friends who only took advantage of our good will or whatever the case may have been. One of our goals as full-time RV'ers was try and be more social and make friends along the way. We are and probable always will be very picky who we let into our lives. We do the "RV'er wave" to people who walk past our site or when we walk the park. We introduce ourselves to our neighbors when we arrive to a new campground and we try and talk to as many people who want to talk to us. We have met people who have been nothing but kind and was easy to make friends with. There are a few who call or email asking us where we are and when will we arrive so we can meet again. And, even some who call us family. As full time RV'ers it's easier to be social as we already have something in common with the person next to us. If it's sharing a story and giving that person an idea on where to visit or talk about how our experience was different/same from them when we visited the same places. Another way for me to be more open and freely is this blog. I think one of the best things I have done since becoming a full-timer. Look at my blog members, my social circle have grown to six ... lol. And, most recently, working as a CamperForce for Amazon. I have talked to a lot of fellow campers making a few friends and even some non full-timers who told me to look them up when I drive though their state. Anytime you do something new, change is almost certain. Becoming a full-timer our socializing with others have changed and I think for the better.


Saturday, December 13, 2014



I want to thank everyone who has visited this blog over the last 2+ years. I never thought I would ever get this many views and it's beyond my wildest dreams that it has happened. If I write it, they will come... I will continue to add post on my daily life along with our adventures on the road and upload videos to my YouTube page. 

Some sporting events that are on my calendar for early 2015 are the NFL Pro Bowl, NFL Super Bowl and MLB Spring Training all held in Arizona this year. We also have some State and National Parks we want to see that we missed last year when we were in Arizona. We want to make some stops before we arrive in Arizona, but we are still doing our research during the winter months... more to follow, in the next few weeks. Our 2015 Summer trip is cross country and back to the East Coast with a lot of stops along the way that includes Big Bend NP, Washington DC, catching up with old friends and several MiLB and MLB games (still working out all the details).

Now that my time at Amazon is almost over, I will have time to complete our 2014 summer road trip post. Keep your eye open for them to start popping up around Christmas to New Years time frame (depends on how good the Wifi is at our next campground).

If you like any of my post leave a comment I would love to hear from you. 

Monday, December 8, 2014



I know it's been a while since my last post, but working 50~55 hr weeks on the night shift is no easy task for anyone. My little off time is spend with my wife (if one of us is not sleeping). Hence, this post being written early in the A.M. on my off day when I can't sleep because my body thinks I should be up putting items on the shelves so Amazon buyers like you can get your gifts for the holiday season.  

With my Amazon end date conformed (20 Dec), I'm starting to daydream of sitting by the poolside soaking in the Arizona sunshine and playing water volleyball with the gang at Leaf Verde. Until then, I officially have 8 more working days, then a short pit stop in Cali before heading to Leaf Verde for the rest of the snowbird season. 

Working at Amazon is not glamorous and definitely no walk in the park, it's hard work. In the end, I think it was worth it. Personally, I've lost 14 pounds and never felt better. On a down side, after a year and half  I cut my beard off (for safety reasons), but my hair is still long. I just tie it up everyday before I go into work, I meet some younger people around my age and I finally caught up with a fellow BLOGGER  (actually second time, we met at Zion NP this summer) I have been following since the wife and I started full-timing. Free campsite and a great hourly wadge (with overtime) we earned enough to enjoy summer 2015. I think I've talked the wife into working next season at Amazon with me, so we can double our pleasure for summer 2016. Work hard for two and half months out of the year and do whatever we want the rest of the year ... life can't get much more easier then this.

Lastly, if you're going to applying for CamperForce for the first time this year because of the advice and information I've shared about the program this year on this BLOG, I'd be one happy camper if you'd list me under "How did you hear about this opportunity" field on the application (Russell Bennett).