Wednesday, September 3, 2014



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2 Jun - 2 Jul

We did a little exploring of Downtown Seattle. We went on Sunday as there is free street parking ... if you can find any.

Our first stop was no other than the famous Pike Place Fish Market. There was a large crowd of people waiting to take pictures of the workers throwing fish, but no one was ordering any fish. After walking around checking out all the other shops in the Market Place, we went back to Pike Place to see if we can get lucky. Just as we arrived, there was a family buying a fish in front of us. So, we had a great shoot of the throw. I only got it on video. I guess you'll just have to wait to see it on our Summer VLOG.

NOTE: Working on part 2 of the VLOG and when I get it done I'll post a link in my blog. Part one is done and located BLOG or YOUTUBE.

In the Market place, there are two Starbucks (remember I hate coffee, so this was for my wife to see). One is newer and the other is the very first one ever to open. The line to the first one was long and coming out into the street and in front of the shop was a meeting place of sorts. I did not know that the first Starbucks logo was so raunchy. So, I just had to take a picture.

I saw a tour/ info/ map corner box. A worker sits in this box handing out maps and answering people who have question. After getting our map, I asked if there is something to see that's not in the tour books. He told us that just down the ramp and to the left is a local land mark known as the "Gum Wall". With no clue of what he was talking about, like so many our tourist we just had to go and see what a "Gum Wall" is. As we turned the corner there was a large group of tourist looking and taking pictures. A "Gum Wall" is just what it sounds like. People put used bubble gum on the side of a building. Just don't get to close... like a teenage girl did who got her hair stuck to some of the fresh gum. After seeing that, I had to put my hair up just to be safe. Beside being gross and full of unknown germs, as I stood there just looking at all the different colors and it started looking more like an extract artwork.

From the little research I did online it started in the early 1990's by locals blowing bubbles and placing on the wall, then popping the bubble with a coin outside the Market Theater wall. It stretches 15 feet high and 50 feet long, but from what I saw most of the gum is located near the theater ticket window area. If you never seen it, think again... you just might have. A scene in the 2009 movie "Love Happens" staring Jennifer Aniston I have to watch that movie. "Gum Wall" is similar to "Bubblegum Ally" in  San Luis Obispo, CA that is said to have started in the late 1950's that now covers 15 feet high and 70 feet long.


  1. Pikes Place is on my list, have never heard about the gum wall!


  2. The ally way to the gum wall from Pikes Place is just around the corner and down the ramp. Make sure you ask that info box guy. We always like finding the surprise spots we run into, it adds to the adventures.