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13 Sep

Nellis AFB had a retiree appreciation day with the Thunderbirds as it's main attraction. The event was held in the Thinderbird hangar bay.

There was booths set up to inform/ remind retirees of their benefits and organizations that run these programs. They even had the dental and medical personnel there giving checkups. What caught my eye was the medical display of hip and knee replacements. A surgery that took over 4 hours a few years ago, now can be done in under 2 hours. The medical personnel showed me what is done to the knee. Drilling holes into the bone and placing the titanium plate holding the two bones together. I know family members who have had this done, now I can see and understand what they went though.

Also, found out that I can use the eye exam office on base and don't have to make an appointment though the VA. If I need glasses, they will give them to me for free. They are standard military glasses, nothing fancy but will do the job. I have to take advantage of this eye exam before we leave Las Vegas. UPDATE: I need glasses, good thing I got my eyes checked.

There was Air Force EOD and Fire Department on hand explaining their duties. The wife got in the fire truck and pulled the rope to blow the horn. You had to see her face after she did it, looked like she scared herself. There was a local band playing 80-00 rock and the food and soda was free all day.

The only thing disappointing was that is was a Thunderbird event and the only one I could see was on the flight line. I was able to get a picture, but could not walk on the flight line. The annual Thunerbird air show is in Nov (we should be gone by then) and they will be on display to everyone to see.

On our way back to the FAMCAP, we decided to make a pit stop at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Gates were open so we just drove in. We stopped in the infield and took some pictures from the car. I have never been to a NASCAR race and if one comes before we leave I will have to go. There is no place better as it's less than a mile from the base.

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