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Just got an email from Amazon CampForce and my start day is 14 Oct. I'm now just waiting  three weeks when we will start our drive to Fernley, NV. Keeping my fingers crossed that there is no snow ... yet! I'm going to give ourselves a few extra day on the road and if we arrive early, we'll either stay a Casino parking lot in Reno or just check in to the RV park early.

2 Jun - 2 Jul

We stopped at MT Rainier National Park before heading to Seattle, but never blogged this is the best place to add it. Also, while downtown Seattle we stopped at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Two more Parks add to our growing list. My National Park Passport book is getting full and will need to get some new blank pages so I can add more stamps.

MT Rainier NP
MT Rainier was beautiful with snow visible from the mountain top to some place in the wilderness were the sun dose not sine. Waterfalls, streams with running water from the melting snow and a epic snowball fight waiting for us at the top.

First stop was the lower leave lodge. The lower entrance of the park was having the road repaired and took longer then expected so we had to stop and take a break. The view alone was worth it.

As we continued up the road we stopping at a few waterfalls and streams before having our lunch.

With our tummies full the last stage in the drive would be easy. As we got to the top, the hardest part was finding a parking space. We got to the visitor center and the base of the mountain. Still covered with thick layers of snow. Even the snow plowed along the side of the road was taller than the wife. Families sled riding while skiers came down the mountain. It will be months before all of this snows melt. So climbing higher is out of the question.... at least for this trip.

There was a place I wanted to stop by on the home that I saw on the way to the park. Only a few miles from the entrance is a recycled sculptures on display. Open to the public and on a donation fee we stopped. The sculptures were amazing and the detail in every piece. Take a look at some of them and see what was used.

Klondike Gold Rush NHP
On one of our many day trips to downtown Seattle, we stopped at the Klondike Gold Rush NHP. Inside is an exhibit hall with gift shop and theater.  Not very large, but after watching the movie on the Gold Rush and walking around the exhibit close to an hour tour. Prospectors who wanted to head to Alaska for the Gold Rush stayed in Seattle before heading North. These prospectors had to have one year of supplies before they were allowed to start the journey. By the time most got there the gold was taken or the land bought by local Alaskans. Chasing a dream of riches and most died or were broke compared to the few who made it rich. One exhibit we both liked was "Our weight in gold". IF we were gold how much would we be worth. Needless to stay I won with the most $$.


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