Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The RV Park brought in the New Year with a get together that started at 7:00 pm and around 9:30 pm there was only was only three couples still standing. We saw one couple bow out around 11:00 pm and then there was only two. After the clocks struck midnight we closed up the clubhouse and returned to our RV. There was spreed of finger foods, we brought 3 bottles of Welch's sparkling juice. Most people just talked and hanged out, while others played the Wii and card games. We also got a visit from Lulu.

With the ringing in of the New Year, it bring the hope of a better year. I did not make a New Years Resolution, just because most don't last past the 5th of January. However, it's more of a guide to follow. Like most people the number one resolution is to eat better or get in better shape. I have fulfilled this goal last year, until the holidays started. For the first 11 and half months I lost 16 lbs, but after the holiday started I ate all the food I saw at the holiday parties and slacked on exercise, I gained 8 lbs back.  The good news is my New Year weight is less than last January 1st. I have to get back on that horse and keep focused on the main goal.

Like most North Ohio sports fans we kid ourselves in hopping for Cleveland sports to be better than the previous year. The Browns can only get better. Right now we don't even have a GM or head coach. The only direction we can go is up from here and we HAVE to resign Josh Cribbs. Our record .. is another story, the Browns played better than their 5-11 record. Now, for the Indians. Manny Acta should not have gotten fired as head coach, the 25 man roster should have been fired. The players are the ones that went from 3 1/2 games out at the all star break to the second worst record in the American League.  The one good thing that came out of that is the Tribe will once again have a high draft pick (get pitching). With Terry Francona as the new skipper, he has a proven track record that he can manage a team to a World Series Champions. The Tribe released (in my opinion) some of it's over rated players (Hafner and Sizemore) and under performers (Hannahan and Kotchman). The team has been aggressive in the off season signing free agents (Swisher and Reynolds) and have another month and half before spring training starts to sign some starting pitchers. As for the Cavs, it looks like another lottery pick in our future. With my love of Cleveland Sports I have never seen a World Championship in my life time. Indians was close in 95 and 97. Browns in the 80's (if not for John Elway). Cavs in the 80's (if not for Michael Jordan) and the close, but no cigar for the "King James" era. I look at Kent State as good thinks to come for North Ohio sports. In 2012 The baseball team made it to their first ever College World Series, in football they made it to a bowl game for the first time in 40 years and in basketball they are among the top of the leader board in the MAC once again (behind Akron<another North Ohio school>). I will remain a die hard Cleveland Sports fan for life, and here is in hopping I see my first Championship arrives to North Ohio in 2013.

We took our first road trip of the year to Destin Florida. It's about two hour drive from the the RV park. We just wanted to get out and do something, since the last couple of weeks we had bad weather and was stuck in the RV. Destin is a huge tourist attractions that has fishing, water park (was not open), go-carts, mini golf, large hotels and shopping centers. We walked around the shopping centers and treated ourselves to hot brownie and ice cream at Destin Hard Rock Cafe. All-in-all it was a nice day (little over cast mid 60's) just to get out and enjoy the day together before the weather is in the low 50's tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like a nice gathering for the New Year. Good food and fun had by all I hope. Your day trip looked like a lot of fun. Wish we had 50's or 60's degrees. Would take it over the 20's and 30's we are having up North (Ohio).tab