Wednesday, December 26, 2012


24 Dec 12
It's a very wet Christmas Eve, the high is 71 F and the rain keeps falling down, down, down. I can't get to upset, it's better than what's happening up North. I'd rather have rain than snow.

25 Dec 12
 I called my parents to wish them a Merry Christmas and got a gift of my own. I received my first TTM (through the mail) autograph. It is of Julian Edelman; Kent State alum and current New England Patriots. It took a total of 10 days. I mailed my request to the team's stadium. He is currently on IR with a foot injury and done for the season, that is why I think I got such a quick turn-a-round. I have four more Kent State football alums out and waiting for returns. Keeping my fingers crossed they return before the regular season ends and the players are gone until next season.

The RV Park had it Christmas dinner and the clubhouse was packed once again with lots of food to go around.  We used parts of the rosemary tree we got last week in our baked veggies dish.

                                                        Can you see the hole in the tree?
                                                    The wife should have cut from the top!

The storm held off until the sun set and then it hit Alabama for 3~4 straight hours with one confirmed tornado. That makes two tornado in as many weeks, and our RV is still intact. There was a group of people who hanged out in the clubhouse for a few hours as the storm passed and we played  bowling on the Wii with them.

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