Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A small, quite, hidden town about 45 minutes west from Azalea Acres that has one foot in new trends and the other in the good old south. As we drove into the town, it reminded me of  Mayberry, the 1960's TV Andy Griffith Show. Street parking at no cost in front of all the Mama and Pops stores. We arrived around lunch time and ate at the first restaurant we saw, Pelican Patio. Pelican Patio, is located on back street of town next to one of two parking garages. It look like a home that the front porch was closed off for dinning and a patio for outside dinning. The food was good, I had 10 piece HOT wings, while the wife had steak wrap with curly fries. I finished mine, but the steak wrap was too big for the wife, we had to take half of it home. We walked around town, looking at the stores and other restaurants. We found Gumbo Shack. This is where Guy Fieri  the host of Diners, Drive-in and Drives visited to film one of his episodes. We found this restaurant AFTER we just ate, so we just went inside took some pictures and left. Fairhope is not far away, so next time the wife wants to eat at Gumbo Shack. I'm not a Gumbo lover, but I'll eat there with her.

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