Sunday, January 27, 2013


The NFL season is coming to and end with the Super Bowl about two weeks away (about one week after I post this). That means the weather is getting warmer, and the MLB spring training is just around the corner. All I had to do was just poke my head out the front door and take a look at the sunset the other night to know it's getting warmer  For the last couple weeks I have been taking advantage of the warm weather and riding my bike. I started off with only riding for 4 miles, that now turned into 8 miles. Just this week I have added a 2 mile run after my 8 mile bike ride. I have also, started to watch what I eat and drink. I have cut back on a 4 to 6 cans of soda a day to just two cans and the wife shares one with me at dinner. It was hard for me to cut back and drink just water, so I also drink instant Gatorade. This way I can control how much powder I use and cut back on the sugar too (I use less than the recommended scoops).

My hibernation came to an end too. After 3 and half months I have shaved my beard off. It was a little over  3 and half inches long. It grew almost one inch a month. The hair.... is a different story... There is no plans of getting my hair cut any time soon. After having to get a hair cut every three weeks in the military for twenty years, I have earned the right to let it grow out.... for now!

Friday night we went the American Legions Post 44 in Gulf Shore, AL for their steak dinner. We met a couple from Iowa (I will not post their names) and just started to talk. After dinner was completed, there was a live music and dancing, so we stayed about one hour before heading back to the RV Park. There is a pot luck on Sunday night at the Legions and this couple said they will be there again, before going to their next adventure  Hopefully, we can met and talk some more. They have been to a lot of places themselves driving a Harley across America. I was picking their brain all night to get some ideas on where to visit and stay so we can add to our list. There is no better way of getting good information, then from others who have already experienced it. 

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