Thursday, January 24, 2013


For a day of fun and relaxation, we went to Wind Creek Casino. The drive is about one hour fourth five minutes away. We wanted to see what kind of restaurants they have. After we arrived we went right to the counter to get our slot cards. There was no free play on the card, so we just played with $10 each that was in our wallets. In three spins, the wife won $6+. She cashed out. I played for about 10 minutes and almost tripled to  $29+. Needless to say, I too cashed out and we took our winning and headed for the doors. We did walk around the casino just to see what else they had, I was surprised that there was NO card tables. We saw a map of the casino and hotel on the wall and went outside to see the water pounds. The casino is building a movie theater and bowling ally in the back by the pounds and paring lot. There must have been lots of people who did not take the money and run. Since we were only in the casino for less than a hour we did not stay and eat at their buffet restaurants.

The RV park had it's second pot luck of the month. This time the wife made hand made egg rolls (Not store bought). I guess it was a popular dish for everyone to eat, because the dish was empty when the meal was over and headed back to our RV.

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