Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We enjoyed another local day trip to Dauphin Island. The drive was about 1 hour 45 minutes South-West from the RV park. You can take your car via fairy boat, but we did not know where the pair was located, so we took the scenic route around the Mobile Bay. You have to cross a large high road-bridge to get over to the island. The island town is about 5 miles long. One end has Fort Gains where the battle of Mobile Bay took place and the other end is a beach that look like it goes on forever. On either side of the island you can see oil drilling stations one after another off the horizon. As we arrived at Dauphin Island beach we saw a hole in the sand that looked like it may have came from a turtle nesting. Then, what we saw next was shocking. After Katrina the sea reseeded and the fishing pier stands alone on the beach. As we walked along the beach I could still see what looked like round balls of oil and even some spots where the oil has left it mark in the sands.  At least the seagulls remain. There was still people walking the beach and even some laying out to catch the sun rays. As we drove to the other side of the island the streets was full of ocean water and there was home after home that looked like no one was living with for sale or rent signs. Or maybe it's still winter and the owners are waiting until summer to return. I collected some sand and three medium size sea shells.

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