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29 Apr - 1 May

After a rough road trip going 2-5 the Ducks return to Canal Park with a 12-8 record with a 2 game lead in their division. Akron will host Altoona Curve (Pirates) for a three game weekend series.

Game one: I was unable to attend the game as our campground opened for the season and we spend all day moving in, setting up and meeting our neighbors for the next five months. Ducks won 6-2.

Game two: I used my unused ticket from game one to bring Hiromi with me to get two SGA Jaret Wright Bobblehead.

There was a few season ticket holders who came early for BP. Not sure if it was because it was a Saturday day game, Jaret Wright bobblehead give-a-way or to try and get autographs of the Curves top two prospects in Reese McGuire and Austin Meadows. I did manage to get three baseballs at BP (gave 2 balls away), I got one game used ball off a foul ball. The ball entered the Ducks dugout and Pitcher Rob Kaminsky was looking for someone to throw it to. I yelled his name and he threw it to me. The rain started to fall so we moved up to the seats that where covered. There was two kids sitting an aisle over and when the players recorded the final out and returning to the dugout they where asking for the ball 20 some row up (no way are they going to get a ball).  I pulled two balls out of my bag and asked their father if I could give them the ball. The kids faces light up when I gave the balls to them. The father could not stop thanking me. I got 8 Curve autographs before the game and 4 Ducks autographs after the game. The Ducks feasted on some good home cooking with a total of 12 hits and back-to-back Home Runs in the 8th inning was the icing on the cake winning 10-3.

Game three: From the end of the game the night before until mid morning it rained. The game was not postponed, but I decided it was not worth going. More than likely there would be no BP and no one coming out early to sign autographs. Saved the ticket for a game with better weather... maybe next bobblehead night! Wouldn't you know, around noon the rain stopped and the sun came out. The game would go into extra inning and Ducks won in 12 inning on a walk-off single to center 3-2.

The Ducks swept the series 3-0 improving to a 15-8 record and increasing their division lead to 4 games.

Week's total: 1 games, 4 balls (2 give-a-way), 12 autographs, 2 SGA Bobblehead
Games: 1 day  0 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 1-0

Akron's total: 8 games, 57 balls (19 give-a-way), 38 autographs, 4 SGA Give-a-way $ ($2.00)
Games: 3 day  5 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 6-2

2016 baseball season total: 22 games, 97 balls (25 give-a-way), 114 autographs, 7 bats

2-5 May

Trenton Thunder (Yankees) comes into Canal Park for a four game series. These two teams faced off last week in Trenton and the Thunder shout down the hot bats of the Ducks winning the series 3-1. Let hope the tide turns this series. Coming into the series the Thunder are riding a 4 game win streak with an extra day of rest as their game last night was postponed due to rain.

Game one: I got 7 balls at BP and gave 3 away to kids. I went for Thunders autographs, but with  the cold weather all the pitchers were wearing sweatshirts so I could not see their jersey number. I did get one autograph. Trenton held Akron to only 2 run on 3 hits. Thunder did managed to load the bases in the ninth to make it interesting, but Duck pitching struck out the side to close out the 2-1 win.

Game two: During BP the sun was out and I got 6 baseballs. I don't know what it was, but I felt guilty about something and have no idea why, so I gave all 6 balls away. After I got home I asked myself why did I give all six balls away? I did get a game used ball after the third out tossed up by Bradley Zimmer that I did keep (so 7 balls total). Still tying to get the visiting teams autographs, by the time the game stated the weather was getting cool and all the pitchers were wearing sweatshirts again. Could not see their jersey number. I did get one auto of Thunders manager Bobby Mitchell. After 5 inning of not getting a hit, Akron bats came alive batting around sending 9 guys to the plate in the 6th inning scoring 4 runs. Three run came on one swing of the bat on a Bryson Myles 3-run homer. Akron won 4-2 extending their win streak to five games.

Game three: Game was postponed due to rain.

Game four: Another good day at BP, I picked 14 balls in the first 15 minutes of BP. I could not fit anymore into my bag so I called it quits. Throughout the game I gave 5 balls away to kids. I got one game used ball, toss up from Nellie Rodriguez after the inning third out (15 total balls). I had only one Trenton player left to get autographed from. After BP he stopped and signed for me. Now I had time to get Akron players before the game and did not wast my chance by getting 10 autographs. RubberDucks bats remained hot pounding out 11 hit winning 6-1.  

Akron swept another series extending their win steak to 6 straight. Record stands at 18-8 with a 6 game lead in their division.

Week 4&5 Haul

Week's total: 3 games, 29 balls (14 give-a-way), 13 autographs
Games: 0 day  3 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 3-0

Akron's total: 11 games, 85 balls (34 give-a-way), 51 autographs, 4 SGA Give-a-way $ ($2.00)
Games: 3 day  8 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 9-2

2016 baseball season total: 25 games, 126 balls (39 give-a-way), 127 autographs, 7 bats

Erie SeaWolves (Tigers)

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