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I guess it's really an over night two day trip to Columbus, OH. We left the RV and roughed it by staying is a hotel in downtown. With nothing going on we took the 2 and half hours drive south to see the Ohio State Capitol Building. While we are only 8 minutes away from Huntington Park, home of the Columbus Clippers the AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians we also took in a game. 


We thought it was funny that we have been to 17 other State Capitol Building before we even got to see the one in our home State.

Sadly. Ohio's State Capitol Building is not much to write home about. As a whole I would rank it close to the bottom of our list, so far. The House and Senates Chambers are a single floor with the viewing gallery surrounding the outer Chambers. The House Chambers where in session, so we went to the Senates Chambers. 

Our total of Capitol Buildings visited now stands at 18. It feels like we have seen them all, but we are not even half way finished


We stopped by our hotel to see if we could check-in early and they had our room ready so we could unload the car and walk around the area. Our room was BIG.
In the back corner there was a open area where we had our own dance floor.

We walked around the hotel area and stopped at Dick's Last Resort for lunch. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves as everyone else in the city was working their jobs is the high tower building surround the downtown area.

In most big cities we have seen the pay and ride bicycles.
Columbus was the first city we saw cars to go. Just like the bike, you rent the car and drop it off in a designated area in the city for the next person to rent.


The day before we left I spent a few hours going through my Indians baseball card collection pulling out player who are now in Columbus. The more players I take the better odds are of coming home with a few autographs. I also need to pick up a few team sets, this way when I go to Arizona spring training in 2017 I will have some minor league players cards they can sign along with all the major leaguers I collect during the year.
Hiromi and I walked 5 LONG block (Blue Jackets hockey arena took up three block in its self and counted that as one block) from our hotel and arrived a few minutes before they opened that gates. We walked right to the Clippers dugout where I waited for players to arrive to try and get autographs. Only myself and a young girl with her father was looking for autographs. It was the first time I have seen most of the players not wear a jacket or team hoodie, it was easy to read the player's number and find the ones I have cards for. Except for a small glitch in my plan. There is no player roster print outs like most other stadiums give out. I did not know that Austin Adams was called up to the majors and that Kyle Crockett was sent to Columbus. The other day when I puled out my Indians cards I wrote down the players name and jersey numbers, Number 22 was Austin Adams.  I kept calling Austin and he never looked up. Finally, he said, "I'm not Austin". When I got back to the hotel I looked up the team roster and noticed the roster moves. Today #22 was not Austin it was Kyle. Besides that, I did not do to bad as I got 9 autographs. I picked up a few ice cream and french fry helmet from the ground when the game was over. Not all the minor league teams have there own team logo on these helmet so I had to pick them up (of course I washed them when I got home). I'm not use to watching a home team lose this year, but the Clippers fell to the Bisons 7-4.

Game haul

2016 baseball season total: 32 games, 128 balls (39 give-a-way), 144 autographs, 8 bats

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