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Week 6
9-11 May

Ducks are home for a short three game series against Erie Seawolves (Tigers). I was not going to go to game 2 and 3 as they are education days where the stadium is full of elementary students. However, I saw that my tickets had me sitting in club suits, so it was a no-brainer to go to these games now. There will be no BP as both games start at 10:35am and I'm not fighting kids for autographs so I will be just a fan this home stand. Hiromi has never been in club seats so I got extra tickets for her for both games.

Game one: I did not show up early for BP. With only one day to try and get Erie players autographs I focused on that. I have only two player cards and I got both signed. Each team starter had ERA under 1.50. I thought that it would be a good pitching dual, but both teams squared up on the ball totaling 13 Hits 10 Runs and 3 Home Runs in the first 5 innings. Both pitchers went 5 inning, but the bullpen would determine who would win this game. The Ducks pitching was better and their bats remained hot. Needless to say the Ducks won 12-5. I went to the game thinking no ball day, but got a game used toss up from Joe Sever (another ballhawk milestone career ball number 250). To top the night off I got a broken bat from Erie's Jeff McVaney.

Game two: Education day ONE had our seats in the Duck's Club Suite. Our view for today's game. Free food, drinks and no students in sight.

It rained most of the early morning and when we arrived they were taking the tarp off the field. First pitch was only 5 minutes late. A sell out crowed, saw all the Ducks runs in the first inning on a grand slam by Jeremy Lucas. That's all the Ducks need as they won 4-2.

Game three: Education day TWO had our seats in the Suite 212 above home plate.... or so we thought. When we arrive suite 212 was full, went to 209 full, 214 full, finally suite 216. Not sure why all the season ticket holders had tickets to suite 212? Check out our view.

Painting murals of Aeros, Ducks and Tribe legends line the walls.

After spotting Erie an early three run lead in the first inning, it was time to play ball. The Ducks would not die and tied the game three different times, but never got the go ahead run across the plate, until the 10th inning. With only one out, the bases loaded it felt like the momentum shifted and wouldn't you know the pitcher hit the batter and the winning run scored on a walk-off hit by pitch.. Another home series sweep for the Ducks and a 9-8 win.

Week 6 Haul

Ducks lead their division with a 22-9 record and a 7.5 game lead.

Week's total: 3 games, 1 balls (0 give-a-way), 2 autographs 1 bat
Games: 2 day  1 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 3-0

Akron's total: 14 games, 86 balls (34 give-a-way), 53 autographs, 1 bat 4 SGA Give-a-way $ ($2.00)
Games: 5 day  9 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 12-2

2016 baseball season total: 28 games, 127 balls (39 give-a-way), 129 autographs, 8 bats

8 days on the road until a weekend series with Binghamton Mets.

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