Friday, November 1, 2013


We have arrived in Buckeye, AZ and will be here for the winter. There is a lot going on in a short time. In the next few days ... maybe weeks I will be posting our adventures from the road and Arizona.


182 Lynchburg Highway
Lynchburg, TN 37352
(931) 759-6357

We arrived around noon, and all the RV parking was full of cars. I wanted to block them all in until our tour was completed. Instead, I found out that there is public parking a block away and plenty of parking space big enough for all size of RV's. There is also RV camping site located next to the public parking. Not sure the price for a night, but if you arrive late you can spend a night in the town and tour in the morning. The town of Lynchburg, TN is known for the making of Jack Daniels Whiskey. However, what most people don't know about Lynchburg is that is a dry town. Where the sell or consummation of alcohol is illegal. There was two tours, one free and the other one (if I remember correctly) was $10 with two sample tasting. Jack Daniels had some kind of trust to be the only place in town to allow consummation of alcohol. After a short video and just before you get on the bus Jack Daniels takes a photo and is available to download for free from their website the following day. Tour guide note, if you are skipping work or school hide in the back row as all pictures are uploaded to their website and are there forever. There was no photo allowed inside any of the buildings, however I did get some good ones from outside.

Can you spot us?
(double click to see enlarged)

Our tour number was #16. 

First stop was where the Jack Daniels charcoal is made. I did not realize how charcoal is one of the most important part of the making Jack Daniels. (more to follow).

Second, was the local spring water that has been flowing since day one. It was a hot day, so the tour guide told us to sit along the wall and instantly it felt like I was sitting in a air condition room. and the view was pretty awesome too.

The last place we could take picture on the tour was Jack Daniels first office. It's a small building that stand right at the foot of the spring water.

The tour guide gave a story I just have to  share with everyone. Jack Daniels came to work early one day and could not open the safe, so like any person he kicked it. No, it still did not open, but he broke his toe and got infected with gang green. Six years latter because of the infection and lost of toe he died. So bottom line coming to work early will kill you.
The safe Jack Daniels kicked

The rest of the tour was inside buildings (sorry no more pictures). The whiskey is distilled for six days and then drips over the charcoal for six more days. Then, place in the barrels clear and minimum six years later the whiskey comes out colored by aging in the barrels. The Barrels are used only once. They are then sold to other distilleries, hot sauce factory, designed into chairs, bar tables and more.

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