Sunday, October 13, 2013



526 Happy Hollow RD
Clement, KY
(502) 543-9877

There are two types of tours paid or free. First, the free. As you enter tell them you want the self guided tour. You get one pass for two sampled drinks. Second, the paid guided tour. The prices vary, you must be over 21 and fee is $10, retired military $5 and active duty military is free. Besides the guided tour you will receive a pass for two sample drinks and a free tasting glass. If you decided to get a guided tour arrive early as it was sold by noon. We took the self guided tour and saw the distiller exhibit from the 1800's and how the the oak barrels are made.

Then, came the tasting room. I tried Kid's Rock Red Stag and the wife tried the honey and maple. All brands were available for sampling ranging from 70 to 107 proof. I soon realized I'm not a straight up bourbon drinker, it need to be mixed, it's a required taste. I guess I'll a;ways be a beer man. 

Kentucky has a bourbon trail with a passport to get stamped of all the distillers. The passport is free and if you get seven stamps you can mail in the passport to get a free t-shirt and your passport returned. 

As were we leaving, we saw a group of guy take the self guided tour and with sample pass in hand they took a "B" line to the tasting house. We thought they must be local guys knowing they can get free drinks. 


  1. How did you get to the museum from your RV? We are coming to visit in a RV with no car.

    1. Sorry for the late reply...We just punched in the address on our GPS. The roads are big enough for RV's and should be no problem to get there. There are RV parking spaces up close to the main building, but not a lot of them. There are also parking in the back if you don't mind walking. Enjoy your trip.