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2 Nov 13
East vs West Fall Star Game

If you have read any of my other baseball blogs, you know that I'm a Travis Shaw fan from day one when I attended Kent State and saw him play. I just want to let everyone know he got robbed from the Fall Star Game roster. He is second in the league in HR (4), RBI (15) and SLG (.659) playing in only 11 games behind Kris Bryant (Cubs #2 overall pick in 2013 draft) who is leading the league in almost every category. I like the idea Travis is flying under the radar, it makes it easy for me to get his baseball cards at a cheap price, but give the man his dues when he deserves it.

I did my homework the day before the game and knew what player are on the each roster and now on my list to get autographs. I did not bring many cards of player other than Indians and Reds that I will be getting signed during spring training, but I do have a case of MLB Baseballs and pictures that I take of players. I want two player from each team from the East Kris Bryant (Cubs) and Addison Russell (A's) on the West Byron Buxton (Twins) and Delino DeShields (Jr) (Astros). If a lot of fans show up and I can't get them, there is one game each where Kris Bryant and Bryon Buxton return to Surprise where the crowds are around 300 and easier to get.

We arrived at Surprise Stadium where there was a scout clinic. The clinic lasted one hour and it was a standing room only. I was looking forward to the clinic, but was disappointed as the scouts told stories of player they scouted and no detail on how they scout player. There was a question ask on how this years AFL Fall Star team was selected.  I found out the roster was selected in the first week of the season and the selection was based on first round draft picks and top 5 prospects in a MLB teams system. That is why Travis Shaw did not make the team. Maybe because the program books took three weeks to be printed too.

We then walked through the gates where they handed out clear packs of 2012 Bowman Draft Pick Prsopects baseball cards. Each pack had 5 cards; 2 base, 2 chrome and 1 silver ice. As we entered both teams were already on the field warming up. I was able to get down on the West side of the field and got Delino DeShield (Jr) on  a MLB Baseball. He stood around asking is anyone else wanted to get something signed before he went to the dugout. He was very fan friendly and down to earth for a first round #8 overall draft pick in 2010. He did not sign on the sweet spot, but an autograph is an autograph. Other autograph collector said that Bryon Buxton was only signing for kids, so I made my way to the East side of the field. Because of the game being televised on MLB network the players did not have the extra 30 minutes to sign autographs before first pitch as the staring lineup and roster was introduced. I walked into the gift shop and they had free ticket for the 11 Nov Veterans Day game played at Surprise Stadium with Mesa Solar Sox vs Peoria Javelinas. I will get another chance to get Kris Bryant and Addison Russell who are both on the Mesa Solar Sox.

The Game --> There was a record crowd of 6,529 for an AFL Fall Star Game the witnessed the West wining the game 9-2 and backed by a team 5 HR. MVP went to Brett Nicholas (Rangers) going 3-4 2R 2HR and 2 RBI.

Kris Bryant
 Delino DeShields (Jr)
 Addison Russell 
Tyler Naquin

My only autograph of the night, but one is better than none.
Delino DeShields (Jr) auto ball

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