Sunday, November 3, 2013



We spent two days in the Hot Spring area. Since the National Parks are still closed we are not able to stay at the National Park campground. We stayed at J&J RV Park just 8 minutes from downtown. We were here last year, but the bath houses were closed and we decided to return this year to complete what we missed last year.

Day one we walked around the town to see what bath house we were going to the next day and some shopping. We stopped by Charlene Simon a soap and bath luxuries that are handcrafted fresh from scratch and located on Bathhouse Row. They make soap for both male and female. The shop layout and display was like a dessert factory. Some of the soap looked good enough to eat. We walked out with two bottles, one for the wife and one for a friend we are going to meet later this week.

Diner we had steaks on the grill and as always the wife cooked her marshmallow over the hot coals.

We decided to go to a therapeutic pools at Quapaw Baths. For only $18 a person we had access to the four pools for a day. The pools temperature ranged from 94 - 107 F. We went from one pool to the next for a few hours. This experience reminded me of the days when I lived in Japan and went to hot springs and  bathhouse. We ate lunch at the cafe in the pool area and soaked some more.

 After all this hot water I wanted to take a nap

For dinner we ate at McClard's BBQ. One of President Clinton's top dinners. I blogged about this last year, if you want to read here is the link Scroll to the bottom (Day 8) and you will see it.

If we are ever in the Hot Springs area, we will stop and make it a tradition to stop by a bathhouse and to eat BBQ ribs at McClard's.  

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