Friday, September 21, 2012


After working all week in getting the RV ready to hit the road in a few weeks, I took the afternoon off to go fishing. I started with fishing lures, with no luck. I went to the campground store and night crawlers just arrived so I got a dozen. I had better luck, but if we had to rely on my fishing to survive .... lets just say good think there is a Giant Eagle grocery store close by.

                                                        This is what I saw in the Lake.

This is what I caught!

                                                   A baby Bluegill. Better luck next time!

There was a little girl (I would say around 10 years old) beside me catching one fish after another using raw hot-dogs. I had to pack up my fishing pole and call it a day.

You can tell it's the start of the weekend. Around 2:00pm - 5:00pm the seasonal campers started to arrive. It was so quite with just us in our area all week. All I hear now are kids screaming, dogs barking and owners cutting their grass. That's a good thing, I can hang out with my fellow campers. Besides, in a few days everyone will be going back to their homes and we will have the campground and Mother Nature to ourselves once more.

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