Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last night the campsite lost power, so our movie night (Hunger Games) was put on hold. However, we had game night instead. We played double solitaire under lantern light. The game is played the same way as regular solitaire, but any player can play on the aces. When no one can make another play, count the cards places on the aces. The person with the most cards played wins. My wife won the best of seven 4-3-1. The first time I have ever lost on game night. I will redeem myself next week.

When we lost power, it was the best time to try and use the generator. It would not turn over. I did not have to turn the generator in the last five months in the campground. At least I found out it's not working now, then find out when I'm on the road or even when we're boondocking. I will starting working on it today.

Woke up this morning with the temperature at 55 degrees. During the day its to get in the 80's. I will have to pull the blankets out for tonight.

Either today or tomorrow, I will post about the campsite we have been at for the last five months. I will walk around and take some pictures.

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