Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Middle day of our stay at Everglades became a day of fun in Key West, FL. A 3 1/2 hour drive one way turned into a day mostly spent on the road. There is a gas station just before you start to drive over the ocean, get your gas there or you will pay more on the islands. We took our car and we made the round trip one one tank of gas. Most of the roads on US 1 are one lane roads and people drive like it's a three lane highway. They even pass on a double yellow line... where is the police when you need them. One day there is going to be a major accident and the traffic will be at a stand still for days. As we arrived in Key West there was construction and that just added to the drive. We parked at the Naval Base and walked, did not have to pay meter parking at $2.00 and hour. We visited Truman's Little White House, Ernest Hemingway House, Lighthouse Museum and the Southernmost Point in the USA. The Southernmost Point had the longest line of everywhere we been today. When we were finished, we stopped by Key West Key Lime Pie CO for a snack of, you guessed it key lime pie. As we headed back to the Naval Base we saw a someone drop his camera from their car. As he stopped to get out of his car, the car behind him ran over it shattering it into hundreds of small parts. We stopped at a fishing pier to see the sunset  and then returned to Everglades NP campgrounds.

Truman's Little White House

 Start of US 1. Right in the middle of nowhere.

Crossed the street and US 1 ends.

Ernest Hemingway House

Lighthouse Museum

Southernmost Point 

The Line just to take a 30 second picture.

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