Tuesday, April 16, 2013


First I want to thank everyone who is still viewing this blog. I have not stopped, We have been on the road the last three weeks and had no permanent internet connection. My post will have the date the event took place.

23 Mar

The morning started off with a park tour by bike. You can use your own bike or the park will provide one (no fee). Even though this is a tour by bike, it's an informative bike-hike that explores the unique beauty of the Everglades. The guide is very informed and shows you plant life, lime stone where you can see in dry season, When the wet season arrives this area is under water. After shower and lunch we went to the other half of the park we have not seen. We hit the trails, but the best two was one, nine mile pond; there was two gators just sitting on the beach and also saw a vulture tagged with what looked like a radio tracker. Second, Flamingo visitor center; we saw two crocodiles with one missing part of it's bottom jaw. At one of the displays the ranger had a twelve foot long python skin that we unrolled and took a picture with.

 Bike-Hike Guide
Lime stone sink hole
The wife returning with the Bike-Hike guide
Tracking vulture
 One of two gators just sitting
The closes I'll get to gator

Crocodiles one, Pinocchio

 Crocodiles  two, missing jaw
 12' python skin

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