Thursday, March 28, 2013


Started the day off by going to Royal Palm trails. On the activities list there is a night walk of the trial so we wanted to see what it looked like in the daylight too. During the dry season (winter) this is the area that all wildlife gathers because of the source of plentiful water. In the parking lot we have to use covers for the car or the vultures would pick away at the roof of the car. After the walking the trail we have seen a ton of alligators and birds that no other trail will match this sightings. We went to two other trails, Pa-Hay-Okee and Mahogang Hammock, nothing but dry open fields and tree forest. The other half of the park we'll have to finish another day. We returned to the RV to eat dinner and to get ready for the night tour at Royal Palm. Tour started shortly after sunset and with a few safety tips from the park ranger with flashlight in hand we were off to find gators at night. To find a gator at night shines your flashlight and if you see a copper color it's a gators eyes looking back at you.  The nesting spot during the day was empty at night. A glance of the flashlight in the water and two copper eyes looking back was everywhere. Another great tour that is a must.

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