Wednesday, April 17, 2013


24 Mar

Final day at Everglades NP and we went to the other part of the park to Shark Valley Visitors Center. The name is miss leading, there is no sharks in the park. We were going to visit here when we head out, but found out that parking is limited and maybe no room for a RV. The drive is about 1 1/2 hours on US 41. We used our National Park Pass so not sure the fee to enter. There is a lookout tower, but it's 7 miles away from the parking lot. You have three choices 1) walk, 2) bike (own or rent) or 3) take the park tram. The tram is a two hour tour and cost $20 adult and $16 child. With our limited time we only walked about 2 miles down the path and turned around heading back to the parking lot to eat our packed lunch. As we left the park there was a line of cars waiting to enter. More people wanted to visit than there was parking space. Note, there is no parking for RV's. There is a sign for RV's, but the spots are turned into car parking. As we got back to our RV I had to make dinner again. When we dry camp and there is a fire pit or place for BBQ grill I cook dinner ... most of the time and tonight I made HOBO (beef squares with vegetables) turned out pretty good. I packed up most of the stuff for our departure in the morning.  We are parked with the back of the RV against a wooded area so I will have to put the bikes on the RV ladder in the morning and dump our tanks as we leave the park.
These are the last alligator picture... I promise... for now!
HOBO dinner
 looks and taste good... thank you husband!

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