Friday, March 8, 2013


Another week has come & gone and I'm trying to find out where the time went. I guess the saying, "time flies when your having fun" is true. This week was divided into two parts; one, long drives and two, staying at the RV park. As my mother told me growing up, "don't spend all your money in one place". We try to find free or low cost actives and save our money for the big events. In a few weeks will be one of those events when we are going to head for Everglades park and take a airboat tour ride looking for gators and we will also drive to Key West mile marker 1. Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks (around the first week of April). I wanted to go to a spring training game or practice, but the time just went by so fast. We have decided to go to a Twins game on the 10th and a Red Sox game on the 12th. Now is the hard part in making sure we get tickets. Twins should be easy, but the Red Sox and their Nation followers the game might be sold out like all their homes games the past 10 years or so.

2 Mar

Going through our visitors books and fliers we found a free RV show. The show was at RV Resort in La Bella, FL. We drove out there just to spend the day in the sun, turned out to be overcast and rain. The Resort itself was nice, on four lakes and the bay to open water. We saw some big boats going out and coming in. Each lot is owned and the owners pay a quarterly fee, like a HOA. Each lot has lots of space. They can fit a class A motorcoach, lawn furniture, room for two cars and also has a storage hut on the lot and still have more space. Most on the huts are converted to full bathrooms and kitchens. Good idea to keep your coach tanks clean and heat out of the RV when cooking. We saw lots for sell with waterfront starting at $40K up to $70K. We still have many years left of open road ahead of us, but a home in Florida for $40K is a good deal. When you are not using the lot you can rent it out to passing RV'ers. OK, back to the RV show itself. The show was mostly high end Class A Motorcoach along with bus style RV and the new Class A+. There was new along with used models ranging from $135K to $800K. After a while they all started looking the same, but we love the room a Class A has to offer. For now, we are happy with our 31' Class C we can still get into anywhere we want. However, when we upgrade it will be to a Class A 40'+, then we will be limited to where we go. 

4 Mar

We went to Fisherman's Village a waterfront shopping, dining, resort and marina. Another day in the sun (this time no rain) were we did window shopping and ate seafood basket lunch at Harpoon Harry's. The lunch basket was enough for two people and was served with shrimp, fish, clams, oysters and french fries along with a basket of conch (all sea food was fired). All for around $20. We then visited the Military Heritage & Aviation Museum inside the shopping center (free admission). To top the day off we walked around the marina and sat in a swing chair along the waterfront enjoying the view. 

                                    Remembered to took picture after most of the food was gone.

5 Mar

Today we had to go to MacDill AFB in Tampa to take care of some legal matters. The drive was three hours one way. The only traffic was when we arrive in Tampa, were there was road work and a five lane highway became only two lanes. We visited this base in the 2011 so we kind of knew where we was going, but as always I used my trusted navigator (my best investment ever) to get us there. While we were on base, we did some shopping. We bought ice cream sandwiches and when we got home the ice cream has melted. After we put them in the freezer, we now have reverse ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream on the outside, chocolate sandwich on the inside. They still taste good.   

8 Mar

Another Friday, another day at the farmers market at the park close to the RV park. We got fresh vegetables; daikon, green onions, tomatoes and mushrooms for under $5.00. First thing I had when I got back to the RV was a turkey sandwich with the fresh tomato slices. After lunch, we were back on the internet planing next week actives and doing research for campgrounds around the Everglades National Park. I also added to my blog the blogs I follow. These blogs are by fellow RV'ers. Some are friends we met on the road. Others I have gotten sightseeing ideas and informational RV tips. Maybe, they will help you too.

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