Sunday, March 10, 2013


9 Mar
First thing in the morning we headed to both the Twins and Red Sox spring training to get our tickets. We left batting .500. We got tickets to the Twins on 10 Mar, but stuck out on Red Sox tickets. For the Twins game we got lawn seat and all tickets for Red Sox was sold out except for standing room only. There is no way the wife would go for that. About a three hour game of standing, she would want to be gone by the 5th inning, so I passed on the tickets. 

We still had the whole day free and we went to the local flea market. I have to say we were disappointed. The site was on a large open lot, but nowhere close to being full or even having a good selection of vendors. We will try another one next week, we are hopping next week is better. We drove around looking for a mall to get our walking and window shop fix for the day. We came back with something for the dollar store.

Today, was not that interesting, but next week we have planes for almost everyday. Some are small activities or appointments while other will be full day long activities. 

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