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For anyone who don't know us Jun 15th is Hiromi's Birthday and Jun 18th in our (American)wedding anniversary. Every year I try and make it different while trying to keep it a surprise, but Hiromi can read me like a book and knows if something is going on. We are not big on gifts as there is not much place to put anything away. Thus the best week where we celebrate and the worst week trying to top the year before. I hope I can keep Hiromi surprised and not give into her spell.

15 Jun
The night before I put out Hiromi's birthday card and her favorite Lindor's dark chocolate. When she woke up and saw them on the kitchen table she was surprised. I then made breakfast.

Hiromi started to clean the inside of the RV and I said, "Why are you cleaning?" she said "it just another day". My response was "Then I don't have to take you out to eat dinner". In her demanding voice "Today is my Birthday". Needless to say I took over the cleaning chores for the day. After I was done inside, time for the outside chores mainly the car. Our oil light came on yesterday So I changed  the oil. I was then tasked to clean the entrance door to the RV and sounded like Hiromi wanted me to clean the whole RV too, but lucky for me rain is in the forecast later in the evening. The rest of the day we just sat outside and walked around the campground.

Around 4:30pm we left for dinner. I took her to Texas Road House in Alliance. The surprise that I kept all day was that my mom, dad, aunts and uncles all showed up too. We had a table in the back. My aunt brought a cake that the staff presented while signing happy birthday. She even got gifts and cards from everyone. I took the camera, but did not use it as I did a lot of recording instead.

Hiromi got a few little gift. 1) A coffee cup with her birth month and her self given American name. 2) A box of 50 pieces of candy one for each year of her age. She told me I could help her eat them. If there is only 25 pieces of candy left then that will make her 25 years old?

16 Jun
The rain held out until after Hiromi's birthday, but then the rain came in buckets. Our yard flooded. When we walk out of the RV we have to wear diving gear as our patio mate is floating on a foot deep of water in front of the door.

17 Jun
In downtown Akron across the street from Canal Park on Main St is Lock 3. Lock 3 is an outdoor park that holds event throughout the year. Every Friday night in the summer there are free cover band concerts. Tonight's cover band was Absolute Journey. A tribute to Journey. After the RubberDucks game I made my way into Lock 3 to see the concert to get some pictures and video. If you are ever in the Akron, OH area looking for a FREE night of music and cheep beer checkout LOCK 3 for all tribute bands playing this summer. When I arrived the park was packed, I worked my way down to the front of the stage. I sure hope the video sound turned out good on the GoPro. 

 Little bit of beer being spilled on me by the people rockin too hard and dropping their cups. Besides that, I had a great time. I will be going back this summer to see the covers of Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, Queen, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin.

18 Jun
We really don't go out of our way to celebrate our anniversary. Being married 23 years to your best friend and the love of your life it's the little things that make us happy and not the big expensive ones. I do like to surprise her, but it's so hard when we live so close together all day and if I leave to do something she always says, "Where are you going?". Then she knows something is going on.

There were no digital camera when we got married and our pictures are in storage. I did come across our Japanese wedding pictures that I had scanned. Our Japanese wedding anniversary is 11 October.  If I fail on my American anniversary, I have a mulligan in four months. 

It's now official, I'm the photographer for Cutty's Sunset Resort for the 2016 season. They liked my price FREE. All the photos and videos I take this year I'll give them so they can use for Facebook, website ...whatever. I just hope they give me credit for the pictures they use. It was a long day, I took pictures and video of the Father's Day lunch, then the golf cart poker run and finished with kids bounce house inflatables. All this and I still have a RubberDucks game to go to tonight. Now I have to find time to edit all the video into a short clip.

 19 Jun
My LOVE for Cleveland Sports are (in order) Baseball (Indians), Football (Browns) and Basketball (Cavs). If you live in North East Ohio these are the (pro)teams you pull for. Ohio football fans are divided between the Browns and Steelers. Most of my life as a fan it's been "so close, but no cigar" or "wait until next year". Only an Ohioan will clam they are a fan of a Cleveland sports team . The last championship was in 1948 when the Indians won the World Series. When one of these teams finally wins a championship there is no "jumping on the bandwagon", I've been a fan for life. Since I was born a Cleveland teams has never won a championship, but this year in the 216 the Cavs brought the NBA Championship home and in style by beating the Golden State Warrior who were 73-9 in the regular season. The Cavs became the first team EVER to be down 3-1 in the series and come back to win it all. This is the Cavs first ever Championship since entering the league in 1970. Soak it in everyone .... "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD"!

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