Tuesday, June 14, 2016



We try and go to the flea market at least once a week as long as it's not raining. Mostly we go to walk, buy fresh vegetables and to see if we can fine some great deals. This week was pretty good. I have not talked about life-in-RV or the campground in a while. Besides the normal route most expect I'll fill you in on the rest. 

Normally all I find at the flea market are baseball/ hobby related or little stuff we need around the RV so nothing to exciting to talk about. Except for today.

First, I found a 1991 Mickey Mantle comic book issue #1 for only $1. There was only 2 issues made. All I have to now is fine issue #2 for the complete set. After reading the comic I found out that the publisher Magnum Comics have made several comics of baseball icons of Brooks Robinson and Duke Snider. However, from the research I have done Magnum Comics only release 4 total issues (2 Mantel and 1 each of Robinson and Snider).

Second, a few post back I talked a little about my dream hobby. I found a Kalimar 500mm lens for $10. Normally, these used lens sale for $50-$100 ish. I can start that dream hobby now. I have a starter telephoto lens to try it out next week when the Ducks return home. All I need now is a support stand to attach to the lens. It's long and hard to hold for long periods of time. When not using it for baseball I will still take it on the road with me and use it for nature shoots, birds or wild animals that are far and a safe distance away. Maybe. one day you'll see one of my pictures on a baseball card or the cover of Sports Illustrated. 

Before returning home we stopped by Maize Valley Winery only a mile and a half away from our campground to grab a snack and a sample glass of wine for Hiromi.

Last weekend theme was anything and everything chocolate. Chocolate donuts eating contest and chocolate slip n' slide.

This weekend was animals. The headliner was barnyard animal petting zoo. Turkey, pig, rabbits, alpaca, turtle, chicken and more. I guess you can't pet them all, but we did stop by to take a look. To close out the night was the Disney's Zootopia movie. We left the campground to attend our American Legion dinner and drawing night, but we did not win any money.  

Sunday afternoon was origami. I had to talk Hiromi into going. She made all the easy kids stuff like hat that turns into a boat, balloon. snack cup, kid flip game and when all the kids left she made a crane.

 Just in case you might not have guessed, next weeks theme is Father's Day Weekend. I took a leap of faith and talked to the campground front desk to see if they need an event photographer. I told them I would do it for free and give them all pictures that I take. This way I can start working on my portfolio and the campground has photos of the 2016 season. They will forward the idea to the owner and I'll let you know what happens. I think it will be a win-win for the both of us. 

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