Saturday, January 30, 2016



The day before going to to Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi was hit by 28 MPH winds most of the day. The waves rolled in going over the pier and splashing over the wave wall. Our RV was rock n' rolling. The wind blew our tire covers off and I was chasing them down all over the park. Our slideout cover was taking a beating, so we put the slide in. We lost some valuable space to move around, but it's better than having to replace the cover.

28 MPH wind inside and out

After the winds and back to normal

Also, take a look at the video as the waves were rolling in on my YouTube page or CLICK HERE.

The sun was out and winds were low for a perfect day to make a trip to Padre Island.

Only a 20 minute drive from the base and over the bridge we passed the town of Padre Island. Soon we were pass the town and on the road leading to the front gate of the National Park. Once again our National Park pass got us in for free. I think it's $10 a car if you don't have a pass.

We stopped at the visitors center to watch the video of Padre Island, then we walked the beach behind the visitor center.

We saw the campground and went over to check it out. It's parking lot camping with no hookups. There are showers and bathrooms on site. The cost is $8 a night. We returned to the visitor center to have our lunch, before heading onward to see the rest of the Seashore. There is a stretch of 65 miles of beach coast that you can drive or walk. We wanted to find sand dollars, so we decide to walk the beach. Just have to keep your eyes open for the cars as the speed limit on the beach is 15, but just like on the road anywhere else in America most of the drivers refused to drive the speed limit.

We were shocked to see three RV camping on the beach road. I don't know when high tide time schedule was, but I sure hope they did. That would suck if the tide rolled in and their RV got stuck. I don't know if roadside service would cover that. Sadly, we had no luck at finding any sand dollars that was whole, just a lot of broken ones as they got washed up to the beach.

 On our way back to the base we stopped at a large sandcastle building that is a gift shop just to see what they had. We found whole sand dollars for only a quarter, so we got a few.


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