Sunday, January 10, 2016



After our commitment to Amazon came to an end we head North to OKC to see some Japanese friend from our days stationed in San Diego, CA. We stayed at Tinker AFB FAMCAMP. When we arrived it was nice and sunny, but the weather wound change to below freezing for about 3 days in a row leading us to experience ice and snow for the first time since we started RVing. When the weather broke to hit 35 degrees we decided it was our only chance to see OKC and head to the city to do some sightseeing. Oklahoma is full of famous athletes; Joe Cater, Johnny Bench, Warren Spawn even Jim Thorpe but none BIG than Mickey Mantle.

This was the first time we have camped with the weather in the teen's at night night and high 20's in the day. I learned some valuable lessons first hand. 1) Our water hose insulation was not enough and our line froze. Before, the coldest was high 20's at night, but the day time everything would melt and be in the high 40's during the day. We had to use our portable water storage. We had to bring our hose in the inside the RV and put in the shower to melt the ice.2)When packing up to leave our slideout would not close. I thought that the ice froze our slide rails, but it was the rain water that froze on the slideout cover was the real problem. I had to climb on the RV ice roof to chip away the ice block until it was all cleaned to try and bring the slide in.

LESSON LEARNED: When camping in below freezing weather turn off the water hose and use only our portable water tank and keep our slide in. Oh one more thing, the space heater alone is not enough to keep the RV warm. Good thing we filled up our LP tank before arriving as we ran the central heater set at 70 degrees for 24 hours.

After being lock in the RV and base because of the weather a long with bad road conduction the weather finally broke we had our only shoot to see OKC on this trip and we would take advantage of our luck. First we would stop at The OKC Memorial. The site of the Oklahoma bombing. The memorial is under the control of the city museum, but the National park helps out. The national park is trying to make it part of the National Park system, but  there is a long process to make that happen. We'll see what happens in the future.

We then headed further into town to visit yet another State Capitol Building. I have to say Oklahoma is not afraid to let the world know that their state was built by the oil. Old oil pumps line the center of the street leading up to the Capitol Building.

One final stop was at the corner of Mickey Mantle, Johnny Bench and Joe Cater the stadium of OKC Dodger stadium. The weather made it perfect for the stadium to turn it's field into a inter tub sled for their winterfest event. I had to stop and get the 2015 team set and mini bat. 

Our last night in a town we like to eat out and this time was no different. We told ourselves that we would treat ourselves to a high price dinner for completing our work at Amazon. We wanted steak so we stop at Mickey Mantles. Why is it that the only the high end restaurants know how to cook a steak Med Raw the correct way. Maybe it's because the steaks are so thick. The dinner came with the steak and salad or soup NO sides we had to order that separate. Needless to say that the dinner was one of the best we have had in a long time... it better have been with the price tag of $122.00.

Friend in Marshall, TX then to Texas Capitol Building, LBJ NP and my favorite soft drink museum.  

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