Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Today, we spend the afternoon with some very great people who have accepted us into their lives and have treated us like family.  They invited us into their homes and we had lunch together at a Japanese Buffet. When we leave next week on our way to our winter home in Arizona it will be a tough time turning the key in the RV to pull out without thinking of them. The hardest part I have found as being a Full-Time RV’er is saying our goodbyes. We have met great people everywhere we go and I’m sure we will meet more along our adventures. M&S and R&N thank you for being great friends and allowing us the pleasure to be part of your family. Keep in touch, be safe on the road and hope that our paths cross once again in the near future.  

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  1. You helped make the summer of 2013 very memorable. We look forward to seeing you again in August of 2014. Please tell Hirome that Cali can get treats out easily, thanks to her help. Be safe and know that you have extended family in Ohio that will remember you always.