Sunday, September 22, 2013


21 Sep

Spent the day with my parents and went out for steak dinner at the American Legions in Louisville OH. When we returned back to the campground we were invited to a campfire. I brought my iron pie maker and they had three different kinds of marshmallow we cooked over the fire. When we returned back to our camper I had graffiti on my car and RV wishing me a Happy Birthday. At first I thought it was my Aunt, but they were not in the park this weekend, so it had to be the host couple who took a walk while I was cooking pie and s'mores around the campfire.

22 Sep

I went to bed I was 41 and woke up 42, I don't fill any different. I spent the day at the adult center flipping between the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians game. Both Cleveland teams gave me my gift, by both teams winning on my Birthday. I spent a nice quite day watch football and baseball games. While I was relaxing some friends came into the adult center and sang Happy Birthday to me. The wife made me a spaghetti dinner and we returned to the adult center to play our Sunday night dominoes with the other seasonal campers.

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