Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Fourth of July weekend was busy at the campground. The campground had a small parade that had the local police, fire and veterans along with classic cars, golf cart and kid bikes. My Aunt and Uncle who is also at the same grounds invited my Mom and Dad, my other Aunt and Uncle and my Uncles brother and Mom for a BBQ. We all brought a covered dish and there was enough food to feed a small army. We had hot dog, burgers, ribs and a table full of sides and desserts. There was so much food everyone took something home. We had leftovers form our neighbor friends who came the week before and had to stuff our refrigerator and freezer just to put everything away. The following week we would not have to cook anything as we just reheated our leftovers for dinner.

My cousin who lives in South Carolina came home for a Cancer Fundraiser at Milk and Honey (ice cream story) where he worked as a student in high school and college. I have not seen him in about three years. It was nice to caught up. Next time I travel around the Carolina I have to find a park and spend some time with him. Earlier this year when I was in South Carolina I tried to get a hold of him, but we just missed each other. The wife and I ordered a banana split sundae; it was big enough for the both of us to share it.  The ice cream was melting fast, so I have to eat some before I could take the picture.

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