Monday, July 22, 2013


All last week the weather was hot, hot, hot and even more hot. I never remembered Ohio weather was like this. It was the first time ever we have ran our air conditioner all day long the whole week long. I even tried to find ways to keep cool by going to the pool. Early in the day was good, but around mid day the water started filling like bath water and was just too warm to cool down. Our evening walks even got shorter than usual. On Friday night there was a movie pool side. To keep cool I laid on a raft in the pool while I watched the movie.

This week was Cutty's monthly pot luck. The owner has everyone sign in who attends the pot luck and she has every sign in sheet for the last forty years. This month was the largest we have seen, a total of 52 people showed up. Usually, there is lots of leftovers to take home, but this month every dish was empty. After everyone is done eating, the owner has a forum where she like to start off by letting the new people introduce themselves.Then, she cover details of upcoming events and then opens the floor to comments and suggestions. They have been working on a Cutty's cooking book for almost two years now and talk was about have it printed in book form and how much it was going to coast. I suggested to the person who was leading the project to have it done electronically and save in PDF format. When the idea was forward to the owner she knew me as the computer guy, because most of the time you will find me in the adult center working on my computers. She said we have to work fast because you are only here for this season. I think I just unknowingly volunteered  myself to help make the cook book.

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