Thursday, July 25, 2013


I'm not a big book reader, most books don't keep me interested after the first couple chapters. With this post along you must know the book was good.... at least in my view.

I was looking for a book at the campgrounds library and saw a the title "The Bullpen Gospels" (2010). Being a big baseball lover the title alone caught my interest. As I opened the book to the author review of Dirk Hayhurst, a local hometown (Canton, OH) boy and Kent State alumni I was hooked.

Most baseball books are talking about themselves or calling out teammate using performance enhancing drugs (PED) or other dirty secrets, there is none of this to be found in the book. For those who do not know Dirk Hayhurst, he was drafted in the 8th round by the Padres in 2003, and pitched for the Padres, Blue Jay and Rays. The book tell the story from off season workout to on the diamond and life struggles to the final out of the 2007 season. You have a front row seat behind the game that fans will never experience. This book is brilliantly written, at times it had me laughing and other times I had tears in my eye. A MUST read for anyone who loves baseball.

Dirk's first book was so good, I had to go and get his second book "Out of my League" (2012). I just started reading it, but it picks up from where the last one ended. From his mother picking him up at the airport after the 2007 season was over. I'm really looking forward to reading this one and by the title it looks like he makes it to the majors.

Has anyone read any good baseball books? Please post title and author in the comments as I have to build my reading library for the winter. I will need something to read when I'm pool side this winter when we are in Arizona.

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