Friday, August 9, 2013


In North East Ohio during the last week of July the first week of August people from all over the America come to my hometown for the annual enshrinement of the newest class of the NFL Hall of Fame. For two weeks the town celebrates with something going on every day. We only took part in two actives 1) the rib burnoff and 2) the NFL game. There was rain in the forecast for the rib burnoff on the first and last day so we attended the second day and we got lucky, no rain. There was ten vendors selling ribs along with the beer and lemon aid stands, live music and a small NFL experience zone in the corner of the fairgrounds. As we arrived we had free parking until 4:00 pm and no entrance fee the Lay’s chip company gave out free chips, we must have make three trips and got close to 10 free small bags of chips. The rib prices were a little higher than last year, but we got a three-piece rib set and pulled pork sandwich and a drink for $18.00.  When we were finished we walked around and the little kid in me wanted to stop at the NFL experience zone. I did the QB toss where you throw the football into a whole in the backdrop where the receivers hand for a catch, field goal, air bag blocking dummies and the air wall-slide. I felt like a kid again.  As we left to head home we picked up funnel cake to drop off at the parents house on our way back to our campsite.


 The snap, the hold, the kick, it's up, it's GOOD
 the Browns win the Super Bowl ..... it's nice to DREAM

 Never slide head first, I almost broke my neck

Sunday Night Football in America, the official start of the 2013 NFL season has arrived with the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins. The family has tickets for as long as I can remember where I met up with my stepbrothers and some of their family to see the 50th year game. The big names for this years Hall of Fame Class was Warren Sapp, Bill Parcells and local grown (Ohio State) Cris Carter. There was also a big show of returning Hall of Famers lead by Emmitt Smith. The rules for entering the stadium were stricter then ever in the past. No bags except for clear see-through, no seat cushion and airport like body scan about 40~50 feet away from the gate entrance. Keep in mind Fawcett Stadium is mainly a High School (my alma mater Canton McKinley Bulldogs) that once a year is turned into a Pro Football Stadium. If you did not see the game, Dallas lead and controlled most of the game until the fourth quarter where Miami made a run and made it close, but in the end the Cowboys won 24-20. There was a point in the third quarter where Miami went for it on fourth down in the red zone instead of kicking a field goal and if they did they could have gone for a 2-point conversion in the fourth quarter and the game would have been tied. In every game there is a point where you can win or lose a game and that play in the third quarter was where I think the game was decided.

Row E Seat 24 Right on the 50 yard line

 Emmitt Smith
 Cris Carter
 Warren Sapp
 Bill Parcells
 Tony Romo
 Jason Witten

 Best seat in the house

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