Tuesday, June 18, 2013


First I want to apologize to my family, friends, followers and curious readers of live-in-RV. I have been off line for over two months and not much has happened. I'll summarize since my last post. 


While staying at the Air Force base in NC in April I did go to my first minor league baseball game of the season. I went to see my beloved Cleveland Indians Advance A farm team Carolina Mud Cats. Remember; back when I talked about visiting the Pensacola minor league park… anyways two years ago that team played as the Mud Cats. While talking to a season ticket holder before the game the owners sold the Cincinnati Double A team to Pensacola and bought the Advance A from Kingston and made a good little profit in the process. A nice story behind the game. This years team has the 2011 and 2012 number one draft picks Francisco Lindor and Tylor Naquin, along with some young good talent and a fellow Kent State Alum. The good guys won 12-3 and I was able to get four autographs on MLB Baseball after the game from Francisco Lindor, Tylor Naquin, Bryson Myles and Kent State Alum Anthony Gallas.

We have made our way back home to Ohio for the summer. To see family, put away stuff we did not use that much and to pack the thing we did not bring that we found out we should have brought with us. That is the lesson we learned in our first full year on the road. There are some important paper work we have to update like driver license, and registration for our RV and car and of course to see the Football Hall of Fame game in August that the family has had tickets for years.  It is a good thing we did make our way back home and that the RV is still under warranty. As we arrived back in Ohio, our refrigerator-cooling unit went bad and stopped working. We took it in to the dealer and got it fixed in ten days. We only have to pay our decidable and the warranty cover the rest. While staying with family we found out that they had a pest roaming the yard and drive way at night. We found out only when the parents car and my car had our engine light turn on when we stared our cars. I took my in and found out that there was some kind of animal eating the wires in the engine block. We got it fixed. The next morning, it happened again. This time I called my car insurance company and told them a rodent has  eating the cables wires. I have learned my lesson and parked on the side road until the animal was caught. Within one hour of animal control placing the trap it was caged. To our surprised it was a groundhog. After asking a few question why a groundhog that eats vegetables was eating our wires in the car. The plastic that is used in covering the wires in the engine block are made from soy and since soy is a vegetable this made more since. Also, we were told that placing moth balls along the drive way will prevent other animals from arriving and for the last month there has not been any sign of any type of animals around the home.


May arrived and the campgrounds in Ohio have opened and we have moved in to our new home for the summer. We are at Cutty’s Sunset in Louisville, OH. We have family who’s been here for three years, so at least we have someone that we know. The campground sites in the middle of four towns and there are places to shop and eat. We are on the back lot, which is too far for TV and internet connection. We only get two TV stations and the internet single is to weak to reach us. I have to carry my PC and/or laptop to the adult center to get connected. After a few weeks this it has become a pain, but If I want to get on the web I have to do it. I was told that they are in the works of upgrading the Internet connection, but that will not be until next year. Something to do with contract with current provider or something. Now that the weather is getting hotter I will be spending less time on line and more time at the swimming pool or outside with the wife.

Besides that April and May have been pretty quite. June is here and hopeful there will be more to write about. I will try and post once a week or bi-weekly, not sure yet, no more posting once every two months. I will do my best to keep everyone up to date.

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